Alpine Mountain Hut / Kesch Trek (Stage 2)

12,91 km
4:19 hrs.
653 m
570 m
Stage Tour TOP Moderate
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Grialetsch-Hütte SAC
Destination of the tour
Kesch-Hütte SAC
Lowest point
2.210 m
Highest point
2.629 m
  • Stage tour
  • Scenic
  • Geological highlights
  • Faunistic highlights
  • Tour route
  • With refreshment stops
Source : Destination Davos Klosters

Hike from the Grialetsch Mountain Hut SAC to the Kesch Mountain Hut SAC

The trail to the Kesch Mountain Hut passes over the Scaletta Pass and along the Panorama Trail, which lies on the route of the annual “Swiss Alpine Marathon”. Today you spend the night in the Kesch Mountain Hut, which was rebuilt in 2001 and is regarded as a model hut in the Alps in terms of energy supply and concept. It has also been awarded the European Union eco-label and is the winner of the Swiss Solar Award.

Complete tour: Alpine Mountain Hut / Kesch Trek (Complete tour)

Stage 3: Kesch Mountain Hut SAC - Es-cha Mountain Hut SAC

Grialetsch descent - Climb to the Scaletta-Pass (2606 m) - Val Funtauna - Val Tschüvel - Kesch Mountain Hut SAC (2625 m) / evening meal, overnight stay in the Kesch Mountain Hut SAC, breakfast
Sturdy walking boots, weatherproof and warm clothing, rain gear, food and drink for the hiking stages (packed lunches can also be obtained from the mountain hut), sufficient water, sun cream and head protection, first aid kit, maps and hiking sticks if required.
Tip of the author

A detour to the Ravaisch lakes is a must en route to the Kesch Mountain Hut. You will be rewarded by a magnificent panoramic vista. 

 Duration: approx. 20 minutes.

Safety information
The Kesch Trek is an alpine mountain hike. It is essential that you properly assess the possible dangers than can occur in the high mountains. These routes require a good level of fitness.
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