35.21 Walserweg Graubünden Etappe 21: Schlappin - St. Antönien Platz

16,40 km
6:30 hrs.
1.000 m
1.350 m
Stage Tour TOP Moderate
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Destination of the tour
St. Antönien Platz
Lowest point
1.420 m
Highest point
2.601 m
  • Stage tour
  • Scenic
Source : Graubünden Ferien

From the Schlappin up to the Räschenjoch, down again through the Gafiatal to St. Antönien Platz.

From Schlappin you climb up through a fairytale forest to the Saas Alps and on to the untouched karst landscape on the Rätschenjoch. As you descend through the Gafiatal, a valley rich in flowers and water, your gaze will always be drawn to the steep limestone walls of the Rätikon chain - a paradise for sports climbers. Rockfall blocks characterise the primal landscape in the lower part of the Gafia valley and make agricultural use difficult - still today the most important economic sector in the high valley of St. Antönien with its characteristic Walser scattered settlement cultural landscape.
The exact directions can be found in the book "Walserweg Graubünden", Rotpunktverlag. The route is indicated throughout with route number 35. However, description and signaling do not replace a hiking map.
Bergschuhe, Tagesrucksack
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Hiking without luggage with 5 overnight stays: Stages Langwies - Strassberg in Fondei - Klosters - Schlappin - St. Antönien

CHF 769 in double room with half board, luggage transport between the stages (except to Fondei), packed lunch, book "Walserweg Graubünden", travel documentation. Additional night bookable in St. Antönien.

Information at www.walserweg.ch


3 nights with half board: Hikes on the stages Klosters - Schlappin - St. Antönien for CHF 475 in double room with half board, incl. 2 x luggage transport between the stages, 2 x packed lunch, book "Walserweg Graubünden", travel documentation.

Information at www.walserweg.ch

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Further information about the Walser Trail Graubünden can be found here www.walserweg.ch
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