30 Via Valtellina

131,49 km
42:47 hrs.
4.515 m
5.470 m
Stage Tour TOP Moderate
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Gargellen (A)
Destination of the tour
Tirano (I)
Lowest point
445 m
Highest point
2.609 m
  • Stage tour
  • Scenic
  • Tour route
  • With refreshment stops
  • Botanical highlights
Source : Graubünden Ferien

Wine from Veltlin has been imported to Graubunden and Voralberg for hundreds of years. One of the pack-mule routes led from Veltlin via Davos into Montafon. The historic route has been revived as the ViaValtellina, an attractive long-distance hiking route.

The ViaValtellina leads along a former pack-mule track for Veltliner wine, from Montafon over the Bernina, Scaletta and Schlappiner Joch Passes to Tirano in Veltlin. The long-distance route, through a variety of natural and cultural landscapes, can be split into seven one-day stages.

Three language regions are crossed; from the German-speaking Walser settlements in Montafon, Prättigau and Landschaft Davos through the Rhaeto-Romanic high valley of the Engadine to the Italian-speaking valleys of Poschiavo and Veltlin. You hike through several vegetation stages, from the raw Alpine climate on the pass summits to the warm air of Tirano in the south.

Famous holiday resorts such as Schruns, Klosters, Davos and Pontresina alternate with remote side valleys such as Schlappin-Tal or Val Funtauna. Picturesque hamlets with melodic names like Susauna, Chapella and San Romerio offer an invitation to linger. And with the views of the majestic mountain world on the Bernina, hardly anyone will think about the vineyards and Palazzi waiting in Tirano some 30 km further on.
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