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2 courses, 27 holes

Golfers play in Davos Klosters on two courses harmoniously laid out in the mountain nature. Golfers will find nine other Graubünden golf courses in the nearby area. This selection of courses, golf clubs and golf hotels make holidays in Davos Klosters a summit meeting for golfers.

Golf in the Swiss mountains: 18 holes in Davos and a 9-hole golf course in Klosters.

Especially in Davos, golf is a traditional sport. Already in 1893, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tried to hit golf balls on an Alpine meadow – but without garnering the understanding or even interest of the local rural population. The British erected the first golf course in 1927 at the spa gardens in Davos. In 1960, the internationally renowned architect, Donald Harradine, built the current location, a 9-hole golf course with a driving range. One part of the golf course was the former Davos airport. In 1966, the property was modernised and extended to a18-hole golf course, in 1988, by about 1.4 hectares and in 2009, again, by 1.8 hectares. Designed by the internationally renowned Les Furber of Canada, the 9-hole golf course at Klosters was built in 2004 to facilitate a diverse and exciting game of golf.

Golf Hotels in Davos Klosters

“The balls fly further up here”

The recently retired professional golfer Fabienne In-Albon (31) explains in an interview why it is worth persevering. And what she really thinks about playing golf in Davos Klosters.

Fabienne In-Albon, what really kindled your interest in golf?
Back then it was my father. He took my mother, my brother and me to a golf course when I was ten years old. I wasn’t really keen on it at the beginning. Skiing was my whole world. Somehow golf seemed so remote from that. In spite of this, I told myself that I should give it a go.

What was it like at the start?
Sluggish. Really sluggish. I simply struggled to have any success. 

Water starts are the first obstacle with kiting. What is it with golf?
The handicap licence test. Normally you’ve got it within three months, at the most within a year. Rather like driving, you really need a practice go before the test – maybe two. By contrast, I needed two whole years and four practice goes. My talent remained hidden for quite some time (she smiles).

What motivated you to keep on going in spite of this?
My brother. Back then, my only motivation was to be definitively better than him. The plan failed: he was awarded his handicap licence to play on golf courses after three months. However, I didn't allow myself to become dispirited and continued practising. And suddenly it came: a real feel for golf. A turning point.  

Perseverance brings rewards in life.
Precisely (she laughs). It’s fun hitting balls on the driving range. But the real golfing adventure really only begins on the golf course. 

What is it that you really love about golf?
I experience an emotional roller-coaster, going through highs and lows, during a round of golf. These extremes come very close one after the other. A good hit by far does not mean that I will win. Conversely, not everything is lost after a bad hit. This adrenaline you feel at the tee combined with a feeling of nervousness until you have played all your shots makes it simply addictive.

You retired at the end of the 2017 season. What moment in your professional career remains in your memory?
There are so many unforgettable moments. It was particularly special for me to make my childhood dream a reality: I took part in the Rio Olympic Games in 2016.

What will you now do after your retirement?                                                     
I am in the process of setting up my own company: “Fabienne In-Albon Coaching – Go the extra mile!” I plan to support athletes and business people with mental, physical, lifestyle and management issues. My services will vary from individual coaching, workshops and lectures through to corporate events.

Back to your beginning: You attended the Davos Sports Academy and often played golf up here. What is it that sets golfing in Davos Klosters apart?
I love the mountains – they are my total energy source. Davos and Klosters are two “alpine golf courses” – but not in a negative way. They are both very demanding golf courses. But they both have one thing in common: they both nestle beautifully within their surroundings. 

When is the best time for playing golf up here?
Early in the morning. I love the early-morning tranquillity and the atmosphere when there is no one else on the golf course. The day is waking up, the sun rises and it slowly becomes warm. Wonderful.

You have played everywhere in the world: do you notice the altitude when you play golf in Davos Klosters?
Yes. The balls fly much further up here. When I come up here from sea level, I know that I can use one club number lower. 

Do you have a favourite hole when playing golf in Davos Klosters?
I play more often in Davos than in Klosters. The 18th hole there is one of my favourites as I play a very tactical game. Because with my second stroke, it’s either attack or or press ahead. Depending on how I feel.

Have you ever had a hole-in-one?
I have been luck enough to have four holes-in-one – regrettably not yet in Davos Klosters. But it can still happen.

Do you prefer to have a caddy or not?
I was always with a caddy when I was playing as a professional. Nowadays, I have to carry my bag myself (she laughs).

Talking about your golf bag: what is your favourite club?
It’s always changing. It was often the driver when I was playing professionally. It has the longest shaft and is intended for the longest distances. I am someone who plays very precisely. I don’t hit as long as some of the others, but generally make up for that by playing very precisely. That is one of my strengths. 

And your weakness?
Bunker strokes: 30 to 60 metres. Luckily, I tend to play tactically and precisely so that I very rarely land in bunkers. 

And finally: If Davos Klosters were a golf club, what kind of club would it be?
A putter. It’s the smallest club in the golf bag, surrounded by all the big clubs. Playing golf in Davos Klosters has a certain charm and the gold courses nestle wonderfully within the mountainscape – rather like a putter in the golf bag.

Golf in
Davos Klosters

Davos Klosters Golf Card

With the Davos Klosters Golf Card you profit from reduced greenfees on our golf courses. With the new Davos Klosters Golf Card you can play at your choice and own combination 10 x 9-holes or 5 x 18-holes on the golf courses in Davos and Klosters. Included in the price is a token for the Driving Range balls.


The Davos Klosters Golf Card is valid 2 years, personal and not transferable. The Golf Card can purchased at the Golf Clubs Davos and Klosters as well as through the Holiday Shop of Davos Klosters.

Golf courses

18-hole golf course, Davos

The 18-hole golf course Davos promises sporting high points and pure recuperation in an intact mountainous, natural landscape at the heart of the highest town in Europe.

9-hole golf course, Klosters

The 9-hole golf course in Klosters occupies a stunning location, boasts expansive greens and offers tees with spectacular views of the stunning mountain landscape and the holiday resort of Klosters.

Season May to October
Altitude 1560 m asl
Golf course 18 holes, Par 68
Distances 5469 m (men), 4669 m (ladies)
Rating Slope 130, Course 68.8 (men)
Slope 127, Course 69.4 (ladies)
Club-Restaurant Mattastuba: Tel. +41 81 416 52 71
Further Information

Golf Club Davos
Mattastrasse 25
7260 Davos Dorf
Tel. +41 81 416 56 34

Season May to October
Height 1290 m asl
Golf course 9 holes, par 62
Distances 3636 m (men), 3134 m (ladies)
Rating Slope 105, course 60.4 (men)
Slope 100, course 59.4 (ladies)
Special info Golf cart included in green fee
Further Information

Golf Club Klosters
Selfrangastrasse 44
7250 Klosters
Tel. +41 81 422 11 33

Golf schools

Learn or improve your golf game: The Golf School Davos and the Golf Academy Klosters offer courses for beginners and advanced, in groups or individually. Taster courses and flat rate arrangements incl. accommodation also available.

Idyllically situated with a breathtaking view of the nearby mountains and glaciers, the two golf schools offer the optimum facilities including driving range, pitching/chipping greens, putting greens and bunkers as well as modern equipment.

Information and booking

Golfschule Golf Club Davos
Mattastrasse 25
7260 Davos Dorf
Tel. +41 81 416 56 34

Golf Academy Klosters
Selfrangastrasse 44
7250 Klosters
Tel. +41 79 610 51 06

Golf offers

Offers & fixed prices

Golf Around: Combining the game of golf with wellness, biking or hiking. Golfaround means golfing holidays and more: Spend your weekend or a few days in the golfing region of Davos Klosters. Enjoy a few rounds of golf on a variety of courses, right at the heart of the intact mountain world. Enjoy peace, quiet and relaxation at the same time, and combine your game of golf with other leisure pursuits such as wellness, cycling or mountain walks.

Stay and play
Stay overnight in one of our golf hotels and play golf at discounted prices. Play and Stay offers:

Fixed golf prices
Plan your golf holiday in one of our golf hotels with a round of golf on the courses of Davos and/or Klosters. 

Information on the prices, conditions and bookings

Golf Club Davos
Mattastrasse 25
7260 Davos Dorf
Tel. +41 81 416 56 34

Golf Club Klosters
Selfrangastrasse 44
7250 Klosters
Tel. +41 81 422 11 33

Indoor golf

Indoor golf is the perfect way to indulge your hobby even in winter or in bad weather. Whether rain, coldness or darkness - our Full Swing golf simulator can be used seven days a week. Beginners, hobby golfer or a passionate players can choose between real 18-hole golf courses, driving range, putting greens or tournaments. While playing we’re glad to serve warm snacks or refreshing drinks. Therefore the golf training in Färbi is not only to improve technology, it is also a lot of fun!

Färbi Sporthalle Davos
Clavadelerstrasse 5
7270 Davos Platz
Tel. +41 81 413 31 31

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