Get set and go!

Hop on and scoot off. A fun way to experience the trail into the valley. 


Rinerhorn scooter trail

The partially new route, 4.5 km in length, heads from the Rinerhorn mountain station down to the valley station in Glaris.    

  • Scooter hire at the Rinerhorn mountain station
  • Hire incl. cycle helmet
  • Adults from 18 years CHF 15.00
  • Young adults and children CHF 10.00
  • Rinerhorn scooter trail map

Bergbahnen Rinerhorn AG
Verkaufsstelle Rinerhorn
Landwasserstrasse 49
7277 Davos Glaris
Tel. +41 81 417 00 30

Sertig scooter trail

Scooter ride through the Sertigtal valley brimming with experiences, great fun for all the family. You set off on your tour from the Hotel Walserhuus Sertig and scooter down to the riding hall in Davos Frauenkirch. The ride time is approx. 30 minutes.
-Hire incl. cycle helmet
-Adults from 18 years CHF 16.00
-Young adults and children CHF 12.00

Walserhuus Sertig
Sertigerstrasse 34
7272 Davos Clavadel
Tel. +41 81 410 60 30

Madrisa scooter trail (Madrisa - Saas)

Experience a totally new travelling sensation on the trip with a freeride scooter from the Madrisa mountain station to Saas.

  • Duration 3/4 hour, vertical height difference 900 m
  • Rental price incl. cycle helmet
  • Adults from 15 years CHF 20.00
  • Children to 14 years CHF 18.00

Madrisa Monster scooter trail (Madrisa - Flue - Talstation)

Unique downhill fun from the Madrisa mountain station to Klosters Dorf. An oversized, knobbly-tyred scooter with disc brakes guarantees the ultimate kick for those thirsty for adventure. 

    • From 13 years
    • Duration 1/2 hour, vertical height difference 700 m
    • Rental price incl. cycle helmet
    • Adults from 13 years CHF 20.00
    • Not suitable for small children

            Klosters-Madrisa Bergbahnen AG
            Madrisastrasse 7
            7252 Klosters Dorf
            Tel. +41 81 410 21 70

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