Discover the wonders of nature

The 13 km long nature trail on the heathland in Davos is a place to which you bring your head, hand and heart. The trail must pique the interest of children and adults of all ages and inspire visitors to keep returning to GWunderwald and to Davos.

Starting at a bus stop of the Davos Public Transportation Services, the different trails take you in the direction of the heathland, which represents the centre of the GWunderwald. Different situation-based experiential sites have been set up along these trails. Visitors can freely select their route and get to the next bus stop or a restaurant from any other trail.

Nature experienced through interactive descriptions

The entire trail can be experienced in eight different and combinable sub-trails. On hiking trails and forest roads spanning 13 km, you will have the opportunity to delve into different nature themes in situational contexts. 31 sites are on offer to expand your horizons on nature, recuperation, landscape, agriculture and forestry, hunting, flora and fauna, and much more.

These sites are also particularly suited for children, as they explain the nature in a hand-on, interactive manner. The goal is to pique their curiosity – or even promote the discovery of the wonders of nature. The trail is equally interesting for both adults and children and offers the promise of a beautiful family excursion.

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