Looked after well

Baby-sitter platforms

The services of Davos destination organisation is purely responsible for the mediation of the platforms. Please note that we do not carry out any quality or approvals inspections and cannot accept any liability.

The baby-sitter platforms of the Red Cross Graubünden and Babysitting24 connect parents with baby-sitters.

Further childcare options

The family friendly hotel "Muchetta" in Wiesen as well as "Snowli Club" in Klosters also offer child care services. 

Apart- und Kinderhotel Muchetta
Aussergasse 18
7494 Davos Wiesen
Tel. +41 81 410 41 00

Destination Davos Klosters
Information & Gästeberatung Klosters
Alte Bahnhofstrasse 6
7250 Klosters
Tel. +41 81 410 20 20