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Astonishing mountain passes

Davos: the most Favourite stage finish of the tour de suisse

Fausto Coppi, Hugo Koblet or Peter Winnen, the big names of the cycling sport have triumphed in Davos. The highest city in Europe has already been a stage finish of the Tour de Suisse eleven times. 

Davos is surrounded by the big Swiss alpine passes. The round tour over passes 'Albula' and 'Flüela' is a classic of the cycling sport. In the heart of Grison you may find easy tours and the Rhaetian Railway takes you back from everywhere. In the side valleys around Davos Klosters racing cyclists find easy tours without any traffic, challenging climbes with panoramic views and traditionally good hotels for cycling dandys like Hugo Koblet, Fausto Coppi or you.

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