Trail tolerance

Sharing the trail

Campaign: Fairtrail - nice, clean & ready

Sometimes you would rather be alone in the world. Or at least on the hiking trail. But you are not. That is why you have to come to terms with the others. It's not that difficult, and nobody is against smiling and smiling back.

In Graubünden there is nature stretching to the horizon and no less than eleven thousand kilometres of signposted hiking trails. In the past, almost everyone used to go on foot. That is no longer the case. In the meantime, the experience of nature can also be experienced by mountain bike or e-mountain bike. And quite officially. If you travel considerately, that is no problem. We have a new word for it: Fairtrail!

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Fairtrail Graubünden
Guido und Dave unterwegs als Fairdinands

7 thinking steps to happy riding

Seven dwarves in the tale of Snow White, Seven Wonders of the World - and the seven thinking steps to happy riding. The latter will - with a wink - demonstrate the culture of biking in Davos Klosters. Follow the thinking steps and be a happy rider.

Step 1: Share the trail

In Davos Klosters walkers and mountain bikers use the same paths without limitations. This is made possible by a tolerant and careful attitude by all parties. Mountain bikers brake to walking pace when overtaking and stop at crossroads with narrow paths, in order to allow space for walkers. In turn, pedestrians accept mountain bike riders as equal path users and allow them to pass wherever possible and sensible, when the two meet each other on a path.

Happy riding
Step 1

Step 2: Stay on trails

What a car manufacturer already said, also applies to biking: "Fun is not a straight line". Curves make a ride exciting and bring flow - no matter how far or narrow they are. That's not all: When bikers stay on the trails, they also take care of the landscape. So: Don't be tempted by abbreviations and stay on the trails. And the ones, who ride curves completely, have more of it anyway.

Happy Riding
Step 2

Step 3: Leave no trace

Deeply rutted and eroded trails feels like a faded love story for a biker. So protect what you love: Ride smoothly and do not brake with blocked wheels. And if you go easy on the trail, you are also treating your bike with care. Share the love!

Happy riding
Step 3

Step 4: Stay informed

Slipped path sections, heavily frequented trails or ongoing forestry work - there are good reasons to stay up to date. Note and obey the signs. Because well informed, you simply ride better.

Happy riding
Step 4

Step 5: Yield to others

The one wants to go up, the other down: sooner or later, the trails of bikers, trail runners or hikers will cross on the trails. Do your utmost to let your fellow trail users know you are coming — a friendly greeting or bell ring are good methods. And particularly on narrow trail passages: briefly stop, let the others pass and ride on.

Happy Riding
Step 5

Step 6: Control your bike

Warm wind blowing around your head, rolling wheels and a big grin on the face. Bikers in Davos Klosters know this feeling really well. Despite all the flow, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. Control your bike and ride within your limits.



Happy Riding
Step 6

Step 7: Close fences

"Fox you stole the goose." This lyric line is from a well-known Lullaby. Well of course, on the bike trails, there are no geese. Nevertheless, there are good reasons for the fences: they border pasture areas and ensure that the farm animals do not leave the intended area. So, please close the fences after the passage. The small break you can by the way combine easlily with a refreshing sip of water.

Happy Riding
Step 7
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