Trail Crew

Trail maintenance at its best

The trail shapers in the background

The shapers of the Trail Crew are daily on our trails. They prevent damage to the landscape, build stream crossings, shovel away landslides or construct openings through fences for bikers.  In short: They do everything for perfect trails.

In addition to the craft work, the Trail Crew discusses a lot with landowners, farmers, railway workers, bikers and hikers. Because only then we know what is important and where something can be improved. Whether bikers, hikers or trail runners, a well-maintained path makes every guest happy.

Trail Crew Davos Klosters
The Trail Crew is doing everything for perfect trails. (Photo © David Schultheiss)

«Davos Klosters would be a friendly Enduro bike»

We spoke to Sandra Gredig, Trail Crew Coordinator. She revealed her favourite tour to us and what bikers in Davos Klosters can expect for the future.

Where are the sections that need most attention from the trail crew?
We spend a lot of time on the signposted routes. There are sections that require more attention than others, for instance the cliff path from Parsenn towards the Strela Pass. We are forever shovelling away scree and debris. You just can’t avoid it (laughs).

How was the Trail Crewset up?
The Trail Crew was set upsome four years ago on theinitiative of the resort of Davos Klosters. It is financedby the lifts and cable carscompany, the municipality of Davos and the resort of Davos Klosters.

What can mountainbikers look forward tothis summer?
There’s a trail from the Flüela Pass to Tschuggen. It’s technicallyvery demanding but issure to get even experiencedbikers’ hearts pacing, likewhen they catch sight of a welladjusted SRAM-X11 group set. At the moment certain partsof this trail cannot be ridden. We are going to make thesesections ridable for the coming season.

You’ve just spoken aboutexperienced bikers – whatwould you recommend tonewcomers?
A trip to the Dischma or Sertig – tributary valleys.

What does the Trail Crewhope for in the future?
Respectful bikers on our trails. What we hate seeing are bikers who do not care about nature. For example, people who take bends too sharply, often lock their rear wheelor just ride straight across a meadow. Or in other words: We love bikers, who live the 7 thinking steps to happy riding

Trail Crew Davos Klosters
Sandra Gredig explains which sections the Trail Crew is currently working on.

What is your personal preference: flowing or with obstacles?
Both really. One day I like riding on flowing trails. And then I long for more technically challenging tours. And Davos Klosters offers precisely this mix – I like!

Your insider’s tip?
Meierhofer Tälli – from Lake Totalp onwards, there’s a really lovely trail that not many bikers know.

And finally: If Davos Klosters were a bike, what kind of bike would it be?
Without a doubt: a friendly Enduro bike. Because here in Davos Klosters, bikers have to share the trails with hikers. Buzz word: Trail tolerance. That means the respectfulapproach by both bikersand hikers. Mountain bikersneed to slow down to walkingpace when overtaking andstop at crossings on narrowpaths to make room for hikers. In turn, pedestrians acceptmountain bike riders asequal trail users and allowthem to pass, whereverpossible and sensible, whenthe two meet on a path.

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