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Trail maintenance at its best

The trail shapers in the background

The shapers of the Trail Crew are daily on our way together with the team of the BAW-Werkhof. They do everything for perfect trails. An insight.

From mid-May to mid-October, the shapers of the Trail Crew Davos are on the move daily on the numerous trails of the destination Davos Klosters. They maintain each trail at least twice a year, and more frequently on heavily frequented routes. And that's not all: the Trail Crew's work also prevents erosion and landscape damage, builds bridges and stream crossings, shovels away landslides or installs fence passageways.

  • The work of the Trail Crew Davos ensures perfect trails.
  • The work of the Trail Crew Davos ensures perfect trails.
  • The work of the Trail Crew Davos ensures perfect trails.
The work of the Trail Crew Davos ensures perfect trails.

In addition to the craft work, the Trail Crew discusses a lot with landowners, farmers, railway workers, bikers and hikers. Because only then we know what is important and where something can be improved. Whether bikers, hikers or trail runners, a well-maintained path makes every guest happy.

«We love bikers who live our 7 thinking steps to happy riding.»

We talked to Marco Kocher, head of the trail crew. He reveals his favourite tour and what bikers can look forward to this summer in Davos Klosters.

Where are the sections that need most attention from the trail crew?
We spend a lot of time on the signposted routes. There are sections that require more attention than others, for instance the cliff path from Parsenn towards the Strela Pass. We are forever shovelling away scree and debris. You just can’t avoid it (laughs).

How was the Trail Crewset up?
The Trail Crew was set upsome five years ago on theinitiative of the resort of Davos Klosters. It is financedby the lifts and cable carscompany, the municipality of Davos and the resort of Davos Klosters.

What can mountainbikers look forward tothis summer?
There is a trail from the Flüela Pass to Tschuggen, which we optimised in 2018. Although this trail is technically challenging, it makes experienced bikers' hearts beat faster as if they were looking at a freshly tapped après-bike wheat beer. Another tip: the bike shuttle service has been expanded - and is well suited for a sunset ride.

You’ve just spoken aboutexperienced bikers – whatwould you recommend tonewcomers?
A trip to the Dischma or Sertig – tributary valleys. Or take the route via Wolfgang to Klosters and then take the train back to Davos.

Marco Kocher, Trail Crew Davos

What is your personal preference: flowing or with obstacles?
Both really. One day I like riding on flowing trails. And then I long for more technically challenging tours. And Davos Klosters offers precisely this mix – I like!

Your insider’s tip? 
I like to use the unique public transport offer and plan tours from Davos - e.g. over passes to nearby Arosa / Lenzerheide and back. This region offers so much!

What does the Trail Crew want for the future?
Furthermore many outdoor lovers, hikers and bikers on our trails. Furthermore a respectful cooperation on the trails. And bikers who take care of nature, ride on the designated trails and respect forests, meadows and private plots. In short: We love bikers who live our 7 thinking steps to happy riding.

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