Along the Dolomites of Graubuenden

White limestone, green meadows and crystal clear mountain lakes. What sounds like the Dolomites is the neighbouring region of Davos Klosters: the Prättigau. Route No. 330 "Panorama Ride Prättigau" is one of the most beautiful bike tours there.

On the Panorama Ride you will circle the whole Praettigau. The route is divided into four stages so that the individual tours can also be mastered by hobby cyclists. The route remains challenging, but offers incomparable views of the Praettigau mountains such as the Raetikon chain, the Schesaplana, the Kanzelkoepfe, the Drusenfluh and the Sulzfluh. Under these you drive on some kilometres singletrail through. Impressive. And all this at an altitude of over 2000 metres.

4 Etappen, ein Ziel: die Route Nr. 300 Panorama Ride Prättigau – entlang der Bündner Dolomiten.

Or then on the other side of the valley the hilly Duranna area. Much gentler and softer, with the same far-sightedness and very fluid single trails. Dreamy mountain lakes and rustic alpine huts. And again and again the rambling view into the open Praettigau. But whoever seeks height, must go up. And these climbs can be quite strain on your legs. Sliding passages are also to be expected. But the long and rapid descents back into the valley reward for the exertions.


Pumptrack Jenaz

Not tired after the tour? The pump track in Jenaz is ideal to let off steam a bit more or to improve your riding technique. 

On the right. Left. Steep wall curve ahead: The pump track in Jenaz provides for action. The driver builds up speed with rhythmic arm and leg movements, the so-called pumping. Without stepping on the pedals, an almost endless amount of driving fun is on the agenda. No special previous knowledge is required.ein schier endlos langer Fahrspass auf dem Programm. Spezielle Vorkenntnisse sind nicht nötig.

Weatherproof fun course

Built of concrete, the weatherproof pump track consists of several combinable loops. The outermost loop is based on a BMX track and contains elements that are suitable for jumping. The inner loops consist of the typical track form with waves and steep wall curves.

More information about the Pumptrack Jenaz
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