Adventure at 10,000m elevation gain

Take the different mountain railway nine times to the top of the mountain and arc your way down by taking any of the diverse single trails extending to an elevation gain of a total of 10,000m. Anthony Pearce is a mountain biker from the very beginning and tells what makes Bahnen tour so special for him.

“I started mountain biking back in the 90s. Everything was much rougher back then than it is today: no suspension forks, no disc brakes. We pumped our tyres up to 3 bar, held tightly onto the handlebars and just let rip ...” This is how Anthony Pearce describes the beginnings of his passion. And says, what makes the Bahnen tour so special for him: “What makes the Bahnentour so special? You ride around 100 kilometres and that’s alongside the 10,000 metres of descent. And you never ride the same trail twice – even if you have to take the same cable car twice as a shuttle. That’s just so cool!” And that's not all: “Always keep an eye on the weather. It can sometimes snow on the first summit. Then the sun is shining on the next summit – and then it can turn foggy again. The Bahnentour is never boring.”

Anthony Pearce has been a mountain biker from the very beginning and a fan of the Bahnen tour.
"My wildest moment? Pizza in the parsenn cable railway"

So that hikers, trail runners and bikers don't get in each other's way, there is a special principle in Davos Klosters: trail tolerance. "This means that we share the same paths. And respect each other", explains Anthony. When asked what is the wildest moment for him and his guests during the Bahnen tour, the answer comes out quickly: "Lunch in the Parsenn cable railway. The pizzeria delivers your pizzas directly to the valley station. Quickly pay, grab the pizza boxes under your arm and head off back up the mountain. Then straight onto the next trail.”

Après-biking at Lake Davos

And finally, Anthony tells us how he celebrates the end of each train tour: “We often arrange a barbecue with friends on Lake Davos at the end of the Bahnentour. There’s a lovely little bay there with an attractive open fireplace. In short, relax and unwind, barbecue some food and toast a fantastic day of trail riding.” 

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10,000 descent metres
Almost 100 km of single tracks

Bahnen tour: the original route

With five different modes of mountain railway that transport bicycles, Davos Klosters extends a unique offer. If one combined the different railways, a bicycle tour with almost 10,000m elevation gain is feasible.

Trained, athletic cyclists master the single trail tour within a day. The tour can, however, also be completed in several stages (e.g. 2 days), so that the same enjoyment can be experienced with significantly more breaks. On the side: An overnight stay at a bike hotel includes the ticket for the funicular railways.

Trained cyclists master the original route of the tour within a day.

Davos - Weissfluhjoch - Felsenweg - Strelapass - Chörbschhorn - Stafelalp - Frauenkirch - Glaris - Rinerhorn - Äbirügg - Heidboden - Wildboden - Davos - Meierhofer Täli - Wolfgang - Grüenbödeli - Klosters - Gotschna - Chalbersäss - Serneuser Schwendi - Rütiwald - Klosters Dorf - Gotschna - Schwarzseealp - Gotschnaboden - Zugwald - Klosters Dorf - Madrisa - Flue - Klosters Dorf - Madrisa - Arensa - Saas - Küblis

Distance/elevation gain
  • 81 kilometres
  • 635 hm ascent
  • 8,470 hm descent
  • Funicular railways: 8
  • Descent form one part of  "The Alps Epic Trail" Davos
  • Trail from Weissfluhjoch to Davos Wolfgang via Meierhofer Täli
  • Downhill stretch from Gotschnaboden in the direction of Klosters

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100K: the extended Bahnen tour

Still not enough? There are so many single tracks in Davos Klosters that you can experience a second and new route of the Bahnen tour. The "100K" called route is different to the originial route in most parts. But still, you get up the mountain by funicular railway and down by bike on the single track.

GPX data

The data package for the Bahnen tour (original and 100K) costs CHF 8 and includes the required GPS tracks plus the trailbook as a PDF with all information on the tour including schedule and maps.

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Distance/elevation gain
  • 100 km
  • 710 hm ascent
  • 8590 hm descent
  • Funicular railways: 9
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