Jakobshorn-Trilogie (suitable for E-MTB)

44,47 km
4:00 hrs.
390 m
3.450 m
Stage Tour Moderate
Best season
Lowest point
1.532 m
Highest point
2.567 m
Source : Graubünden Ferien

From the summit of the Jakobshorn in Davos, three sensational singletrail descents lead down to Davos. When combined, they make a first-class and varied enduro route.

The tour starts with the crisp descent into the Dischma Valley. Follow the ridge to Brämabüel and then turn right into the Dischma Valley. The trail is very varied, with a few individual but narrow hairpin bends. It becomes more demanding after Stillbergalp, where ledges and narrow sections call for experience in choosing the route. Many cyclists take the direct route back to Davos once they reach the bottom of the valley. But the route through the Büelenwald is more attractive. On the opposite side of the valley, you climb a short way on a gravel road to reach the great root trail to the Büelen area of Davos. From here, little local roads lead quickly back to the valley station of the Jakobshorn.

Part two of the trilogy is about to begin. This leads from the summit more or less directly down to Davos. The singletrail, specially developed for mountain bikers, is located for the most part directly under the cable car and leads as a flow trail directly to the outskirts of Davos, past the Ischalp. Now for the third part, this time leading from the Jakobshorn into the Sertig Valley. From the Jatzhütte, you follow the long and flowing high trail, which eventually becomes steeper, more sinuous and much more fun, and ends not far from the village of Sertig. Here you keep right and follow the seemingly endless path to Clavadel. But it‘s not over yet: directly behind the Höhenklinik, the last trail section of the day begins, ending only when it reaches a gravel road on which you return to Davos.


Incidentally: Danny MacAskill and Claudio Caluori visibly enjoyed this trail on the Jakobshorn in the "Home of Trails" video.

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