Jakobshorn Ischalp Descent

19,66 km
3:42 hrs.
1.035 m
1.034 m
Stage Tour Moderate
Best season
Lowest point
1.533 m
Highest point
2.567 m
Source : Graubünden Ferien

The Jakobshorn is the starting point for spectacular trails in the Davos Klosters biking region. One of these leads down to Davos via Brämabüel and Ischalp.

The sporty amongst us climb to the summit of the Jakobshorn on their own by pedalling up via Clavadel and Clavadeleralp on the alpine road. The ascent is not too difficult and only turns quite steep in the final part. However, most mountain bikers prefer to take the gondola lift to the Jakobshorn, which leads all the way to the summit. The descent then begins with a steep ridge path to Brämabüel. For those with a solid biking technique and no fear of heights, this section is a real treat. For others, the real biking fun starts on the hill above the Brämabüel station. The trail winds gently through the partly steep terrain down to the reservoir lake - interrupted by some serpentines. You then cruise along a small road for a while until the next part of the trail already begins on the right-hand side of the road. This part leads you through a sea of ??alpine roses to the Ischalp. A few meters of gravel path then take you to the bike trail, which leads from just below Ischalp (middle station of the gondola lift) all the way to almost the town centre of Davos. This path is especially fun as it has many turns and numerous flow sections.


Incidentally: Danny MacAskill and Claudio Caluori visibly enjoyed this trail on the Jakobshorn in the "Home of Trails" video.

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