25,00 km
3:48 hrs.
837 m
837 m
Stage Tour S2 TOP Moderate
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Davos Bike Park Färich
Destination of the tour
Davos Bike Park Färich
Lowest point
1.574 m
Highest point
2.411 m
  • Single trail/Free ride
  • Scenic
  • Tour route
  • With refreshment stops
Source : Destination Davos Klosters

The tour takes you through the whole Flüela Valley and offers a lot of flow and some technical sections. Alternatively, the ascent can be made with the legendary "Bike Shuttle Davos". 

The tour begins at the Davos Bike Park Färich and leads along the rushing Flüela stream in a leisurely ascent via Tschuggen to the Flüela Pass at 2,382 metres above sea level. Alternatively, the post bus or the legendary "Bike Shuttle Davos" can be used for the ascent. From the trail entrance at the Flüela Hospiz (Flüela Weisshorn side), you simply follow the markings or the rushing Flüela stream valley outwards. At the beginning the trail is very technical, but the longer it is the more flowing it becomes. Especially from Tschuggen on the flow really starts to come up. The fun Flüelatrail from the top of the pass or even just from Tschuggen is very popular as an after-work trail.

Did you know it already? Every Friday the Bike-Shuttle Davos offers the popular TGIF-Run with Friends. "THANK GOD IT?S FRIDAY RUN" is the name of the bike shuttle that takes you and your friends on a tour in the Flüela Valley after work to ring in the weekend. This is how a real bike weekend has to start!

Davos Bike Park Färich - Tschuggen - Wägerhuus - Flülapass (Hospiz) - Wägerhuus - Tschuggen - Davos Bike Park Färich
Tip of the author
The fun Flüelatrail from the top of the pass or even just from Tschuggen is very popular as an after-work trail. Take advantage of the popular bike shuttle service and enjoy a typical TGIF-Run with Friends.
Safety information
In the destination Davos Klosters there are many managed Alps with livestock farming. You can therefore expect to encounter animals everywhere. We kindly ask you to show consideration and also to drive on the terrain at an appropriate speed.
Public Transit
Bike Shuttle in Davos


Registration and information:



Kessler's Kulm Hotel

Prättigauerstrasse 32

7265 Davos Wolfgang


Tel. +41 81 417 07 07

Please use the public parking spaces in Davos.
Getting There
Coming from Zurich / St. Margrethen, leave the A13/E43 motorway at Landquart in the direction of Landquart, Davos, Vereina. Follow the N28 until you reach Davos.
Map and arrival
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