338 Zügen Gorge (suitable for E-MTB)

44,54 km
5:30 hrs.
1.380 m
1.380 m
Stage Tour TOP Difficult
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Davos, Tourismus- und Sportzentrum
Destination of the tour
Davos, Tourismus- und Sportzentrum
Lowest point
1.215 m
Highest point
1.767 m
  • Single trail/Free ride
  • Scenic
  • Loop
  • With refreshment stops
Source : Graubünden Ferien

Not only railway passengers find the Zügen gorge awe-inspiring. In similar fashion to the railway line, the bike trails snake their way along the top of the gorge towards Wiesen and back, providing bikers with impressive views. The route is often open in

Travelling along Mattastrasse from Davos you enter the Matta woods. Following the road to Clavadel you reach Heid and Junkerboden. Through the fields, in places a single trail, you come to Spina and the Walser village Monstein. Here, don't miss a chance to visit to Europe's highest brewery! Now the route passes an old silver mine on a wide forest path. Then on a technically more difficult trail (at times you carry the bike) you reach Jenisberg. Before Jenisberg, you turn right into the Zügen gorge. Following the old Zügen road, you come to Wiesen railway station. After Wiesen railway station, a steep climb gets you onto the old Zügen path. On the opposite side of the valley, you ride back along the edge of the gorge. This single trail is suited primarily for experienced bikers. Following a short downhill run you reach Davos Glaris and on a side road through Lengmatta Frauenkirch you ride into Davos.



Incidentally: The famous bridge from the "Home of Trails" video, where Danny MacAskill balances on the wall over a roughly 84 meter drop is located at the Wiesen train station.

Discover the Landwasser Bridge


Davos, Tourismus- und Sportzentrum - Davos Platz - Mattawald - Calvadel - Heidboden - Junkerboden - Spina - Monstein - Jenisberg - Zügenschlucht - Bärentritt - Stn. Wiesen - Wiesen - Wiesner Berg - Alter Zügenweg - Glaris - Davos Platz - Davos, Tourismus- und Sportzentrum

Safety information

In Davos Klosters there are many alps with livestock farming. Therefore, you can expect to encounter animals everywhere. Please be considerate and drive the terrain at an appropriate speed.

Public Transit
Mit dem Zug (RhB) bis Davos Platz, kurze Fahrt mit dem Bike zum Tourismus- und Sportzentrum Davos (Ausgangspunkt).
Parkmöglichkeiten am Tourismus- und Sportzentrum in Davos.
Getting There
Von Zürich / St. Margrethen her kommend verlassen Sie die Autobahn A13/E43 in Landquart in Richtung Landquart, Davos, Vereina. Fahren Sie auf der N28 bis nach Davos.
Map and arrival
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