333 Swiss Bike Masters

110,30 km
15:30 hrs.
4.850 m
4.850 m
Stage Tour TOP Difficult
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Destination of the tour
Lowest point
693 m
Highest point
2.232 m
  • Stage tour
  • Insider tip
  • Loop
  • With refreshment stops
Source : Graubünden Ferien

The Swiss Bike Masters route is considered a classic among mountain bike marathon races in Switzerland. The entire tour is easily divided up into individual day stages, making it an enjoyable challenge throughout the season even for non-competitive bikers.

The Swiss Bike Masters route can be completed in a day as clearly demonstrated by the mountain bikers who do the 120 km course at marathon speed in July every year. But there are other ways, i.e. doing the entire tour as four individual one-day stages. Of course the summits and the distances still have to be mastered, as does the first ascent to the Carschina Hut, which is quite a handful. But there is always plenty of time to rest and recover, and take in the views. From the Carschina Hut the soaring peaks of the Rätikon chain with the Sulzfluh seem almost within reach, and in the evening sun they are breathtakingly beautiful. And there’s also plenty of time to enjoy yourself. Not only on the wonderful single trails, but also along the undulating meadow trails in the Duranna region and the famous Fideriser Heuberge. And the extended, high-speed downhill runs certainly get the adrenaline going, keeping your concentration sharp as the breeze cools your face in preparation for the next ascent. A genuine challenge, by any standards!

Safety information

In Davos Klosters there are many alps with livestock farming. Therefore, you can expect to encounter animals everywhere. Please be considerate and drive the terrain at an appropriate


Public Transit
Mit dem Zug bis nach Küblis.
Kostenlose Parkplätze auf dem Marktplatz hinter dem Coop. Ebenfalls auf dem Marktplatz befindet sich ein Bike-Help-Point wo man die Möglichkeit hat sein Bike zu waschen.
Getting There
Auf der A13 und B28 nach Küblis.
Additional Information

Prättigau Tourismus
Valzeinastrasse 6
7214 Grüsch 
Tel. +41 (0)81 325 11 11

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