335 Monstein

Superb single tracks Between Junkerboden and Spina Panoramic views Between Riederalp and Hauderalp Hauderalp Monstein Davos Frauenkirch
Starting point:
Davos Platz, Tourism & Sport Centre
Points along the route:
Davos Platz - Clavadel - Junkerboden - Spina - Jatzmeder - Hauderalp - Oberalp - Inneralp - Monstein - Glaris - Frauenkirch - Davos Platz
Superb single tracks and perfect panoramic views between Jatzmeder and the Walser village of Monstein.

The tour over Hauderalp is technically demanding in places but rewards the effort with perfect panoramic views of the lower Landwassertal.
After the first climb you reach Clavadel at the entrance to the Sergital valley. A short descent leads down to the Sertisbach stream, where you cross the road into the famous Sergistal valley. The trail then leads partly along a single track past Heidboden (barbecue spot) and Junkerboden to Spina. The main climb starts at Spina, to the top station of the Rinerhorn aerial cableway at Jatzmeder.
At the highest point of the tour, with superb panoramic views of Davos, you turn onto a tricky high-level trail.This leads you to Hauderalp, where dairymen sometimes keep fresh milk cooling in the fountain to refresh thirsty bikers. After a few bends on the road to Monstein, the route again branches off on an exciting single track towards Oberalp and Inneralp and then downhill to Monstein. The inns in the attractive Walser village offer bikers a warm welcome in their garden restaurants and, as well as the well-known local Monstein beer, also offer all kinds of other refreshment. After a short break to refuel, it's downhill again via Spina to Glaris, where you change to the other side of the valley to avoid the traffic on the main road. Then follows an easy ride via Lengmatta and Frauenkirch back to Davos and the departure point at the Sport Centre.
Variante A: Anyone preferring to avoid the climb can take the Rinerhorn aerial cableway from Glaris directly to Jatzmeder and then enjoy single track fun to the full!
See also:
Destination Davos Klosters
Davos Destinations-Organisation (Genossenschaft)
Talstrasse 41
CH-7270 Davos Platz
Tel: +41(0)81 415 21 21
E-Mail: info@davos.ch
Internet: www.davos.ch

Information for bikers: www.bike-davos.ch und www.bike-klosters.ch
Arrival/departure by public transport:
By train (Rhaetian Railway) to Davos Platz, short bike ride to the Tourism and Sport Centre in Davos (departure point).

Continuously signposted as Route 335, departure point Tourism and Sport Centre Davos.

Time of year: June - October

Bike help points:
Bikeshop Corona, +41 81 413 44 12
Ivan's Velo Sport Davos, +41 81 413 39 09
Metz - 2Radfachgeschäft, +41 81 413 51 32

Refreshments available:
Spina, Jatzmeder, Monstein, Glaris, Frauenkirch

Sightseeing attractions:
Monstein Walser village

Information for bikers:
All six Davos Klosters mountain rail & cableways and the Rhaetian Railway transport mountain bikers. Mountain ascents, as well as the train trip between Filisur and Klosters Dorf are free for bikers holding a Davos Klosters Inclusive Card.
Davos Klosters mountain rail & cableways charge CHF 10.00 / day or CHF 5.00 / trip to transport bikes. The Schatzalp funicular charges CHF 4.00 / trip for bike transport. Rhaetian Railway bike transport costs CHF 18.00 (without half-fare card) / CHF 12.00 (with half-fare card) per day or the price of a passenger ticket on short sections.
Time 4 h Length 39 Km Ascent 1125 m Descent 1125 m Max height 2065 m ü.M. Difficulty
Height profile
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