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Davos Klosters
Newsletter June 2017
Strong Men in Davos Klosters
There is a lot to the kick-off of the summer season 2017: for once, the Vaillant Arena does not host ice hockey games but Swiss Wrestling in sawdust rinks. 180 strong men from seven different cantons fight for the day’s victory. Same for Hitsch, the Spengler Cup ibex mascot, he hops on a bicycle at the Tour de Suisse, where the strong men pedal. A powerful voice have made Chris de Burgh world famous. His concert on Madrisa is bound to be unforgettable. And what about the so-called weaker gender? During the well-endowed tennis tournament for young players, they show off their muscles. Thus, one simply has to be part and cheer – not only for the strong men. At the same time, Davos Klosters offers a plethora of options to train one’s own muscles.
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