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Jasmine Flury

Jasmine Flury

Our ski ambassador

Born in 1993, Jasmine Flury is a Swiss ski racer. She specialises in downhill and Super-G. The Davos-Monstein native celebrated her biggest triumphs to date at the 2023 World Championships in Courchevel Méribel, France. Flury won gold in downhill. She’s been the Destination Davos Klosters ski ambassador since 2021.
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All or nothing: Jasmine Flury would go all in – all over again

Jasmine Flury is a world champion downhill skier. Her path to the top was paved with difficulty. Here’s the story of our ski ambassador from Davos-Monstein, who never gave up, in spite of every setback.

They stand at the starting line. When the skiers in this supreme discipline plunge into the deep, the goal is clear. Pick up the pace, stick to their ideal line and make as few mistakes as possible. No hesitation. No doubt. Hold the line, even as muscles burn. In the women’s Ski World Cup, a number of descents lead through steep passages where the athletes accelerate to over 130 kilometres per hour a few seconds after the start. Passing striking rock formations – such as those in the Tofana-Schuss in Cortina d’Ampezzo. To jumps spanning over 40 metres. Pushing bodies and equipment to their limit. What sounds to most people like a test of nerve is just part of Davos-Monstein native Jasmine Flury’s job description. ‘A voice in my head quickly convinced me “yes, I can do this”. But it took a long time until it became the deepest conviction,’ says the downhill world champion and ski ambassador for Destination Davos Klosters.

‘I wore myself down’
For Flury, the path to the top has been paved with difficulty. In the 2016 season, a hip injury ruled her out of every single race. Even the triumphs have their dark side. ‘After my first World Cup win in St. Moritz in 2017, I put myself under pressure. It almost broke me; I wore myself down,’ says Flury. She felt she had to confirm this success and prove herself. ‘I definitely learned a lot from it,’ she adds.

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Jasmine Flury in Davos-Monstein

A home of many sports

‘I’m always amazed at how meticulous Jason’s analysis is, and how disciplined he was about fighting his way back to the top.’ He is only too familiar himself with setbacks in elite sport after a long involuntary break from competing. Since Jasmine Flury won gold in downhill, the history of her patchwork family is more famous than ever. Davos Monstein also made headlines as fertile ground for Swiss sporting prowess, home to several elite athletes.

It’s no wonder that growing up in Monstein is a sporting experience. ‘We had to cycle a few kilometres to Glaris to train in the big gymnastics hall,’ says Flury. Her teacher therefore often moved gymnastics lessons for her class of seven outside at the spur of the moment, from the small hall to their own ice rink for hockey games. Or on to the street in the village for a graded running competition. A good start in life as a professional athlete? Flury certainly thinks so.

Jasmine Flury’s
8 tips for a perfect day’s skiing


Jasmine’s favourite piste in Davos Klosters

Her insider tip for the perfect day’s skiing at Destination Davos Klosters is Rinerhorn and the ‘Juonli’ ski lift. ‘I particularly like the cool tendency towards great turns and stunning views of Davos,’ says the Davos native.


Where a world champion dines

Six ski areas and countless restaurants and ski huts. Where does Jasmine Flury like to eat? ‘My favourite place to stop is the Gruobenalp ski hut in the Gotschna-Parsenn ski area – a great place to enjoy Alpine macaroni,’ she reveals.


The loveliest sunny spot

At Destination Davos Klosters, the skiing motto is ‘Sports unlimited’. But skiers should have a little fun, too. Jasmine’s tip: ‘The Fuxägufer on Jakobshorn is worth a stop, for sure.’


The best place for a drink

Even a ski ace and world champion like Jasmine Flury loves to spend an afternoon enjoying après-ski in Davos. She recommends the popular Jatzhütte. ‘I’ve had a few great nights in Bolgen Plaza, too.’


Beginners’ pistes

‘Davos Klosters is a perfect place to start skiing. For me, the best beginners’ piste is on “Bünda”. You can slowly improve every day in the kids’ adventure park on the treadmill and T-bar lift,’ says Jasmine Flury.


An adventure for advanced skiers

‘One of the steepest pistes in Davos Klosters is surely from the Wiessfluh summit in the Parsenn ski area,’ raves Jasmine Flury. The valley run down to the village of Davos is a highlight. This black slope is steep, but it is also one of the most beautiful valley runs in the area.


Be an early bird

Perfect conditions, excellent weather and good friends to ski with are among Jasmine Flury’s requirements for the perfect day’s skiing. Another – of course – is being first on the piste to enjoy the freshly prepared snow. A helpful tip: Davos Klosters offers early bird skiing as part of its winter guest programme. The Parsenn Funicular whisks early bird guests to the mountain at the ‘exclusive’ hour of 6:55 am before everyone else.


Going off-piste

What does Jasmine Flury get up to when she isn’t on one of Davos Klosters’ six ski areas? ‘I like going on a ski tour. My favourites include the Büelenhorn, Chrachenhorn and Älplihorn in Monstein.’

After completing your compulsory education in Davos, you focused all your efforts on becoming a top athlete. Looking back, is there anything you would do differently?
No. Everything in life that didn’t go so well, including mistakes, have made me the person I am today. I’m very proud of my path. Of course, sometimes there were doubts. Particularly when I got injured or things weren’t going as well. But today, I’m certain that I would go all in all over again: if I do something, I want to do it 100% right. It’s great that this plan worked.

In addition to the World Cup races, are the 2026 Olympic Games in Italy your next big sporting goal?
Yes, if I stay fit and I still have my passion for skiing. I’m pleased that the Olympic Games and competitions are taking place here in Europe again. Of course, the biggest goal is to succeed at these Games.

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