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Start for separate bike and hiking trails

Hikers and bikers will soon go their separate ways on the route from Jakobshorn via Sertig to Rinerhorn. This is made possible by the longest unbundling of a bike and hiking trail in Switzerland in the Davos Klosters destination. Construction work has begun in Davos and is expected to last until autumn 2023.

When mountain bikers pedal up almost 1,000 metres in altitude from Jakobshorn to Filisur and descend far more, they are on the over 40-kilometre-long "Alps Epic Trail Davos". The well-known mountain bike route in the destination of Davos Klosters is the first and so far the only one in Switzerland to be "ennobled" as an Epic Trail by the International Mountain Bike Organisation (IMBA). Its inclusion in the Olympus of the best mountain bike trails - only three others in Europe have been awarded this distinction - has raised the profile of the Epic Trail even further within a short space of time. Part of this route runs along the Jakobshorn-Sertig-Rinerhorn trail, which has also been very popular with hikers for some time. Accordingly, initial plans were put on the table to unbundle this jointly used route. In the meantime, work has begun and on a section of over 500 metres the paths already run separately.

Great added value for bikers and hikers
Construction work began on the Rinerhorn in mid-June, and since the beginning of July the conversion has also been underway on the Jakobshorn. "It was a long, rocky road that required a lot of patience and discussions. All the greater is the joy now that we will soon be able to offer real added value for hikers and bikers. It also shows that we take the concerns of both groups very seriously," says Reto Branschi, Director/CEO of Destination Davos Klosters. The municipality has a similar opinion. "I am very pleased that the implementation of the project has now begun after many discussions with landowners, environmental protection organisations and elaborate approval procedures," says Patrick Gurini, head of the Davos technical operations. Since, according to Gurini, it is the longest unbundling of this kind in Switzerland, Davos Klosters is once again taking on a pioneering role in the "bike" sector. The new trail sections, which will be realised in two stages, are a total of 8.2 kilometres long. The longest, newly built section of trail is being built on the 5.4-kilometre stretch between Rinerhorn and the Sertig. On the Jakobshorn side, a section over 2.8 kilometres long is under construction. The trail will be laid out so that it always runs a few metres above the mountain bike trail. While bikers previously had to pass hikers on the same path, in future hikers and bikers will only share paths on individual, short sections.

Construction work on the hiking trails
As part of the unbundling project, the Trail Crew (responsible for maintaining the bike and hiking trails) will be working on the Äbirügg-Sertig and Wiitiberg-Sertig hiking trails until 15 October 2022. Use of the routes is still possible under the instruction of the construction staff. If everything goes according to plan, the construction phase for the entire project will be completed in autumn 2023.

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