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Museum tip: New exhibition on the myth of Davos

On Sunday, 28 November, an extraordinary exhibition project opens: Mythos Davos. In cooperation with the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg, no less than four Davos museums are looking at the time of the Davos sanatoriums. The Davos Museum Pass is now available in the holiday shop for CHF 18.

Davos has been a symbolic place for more than 150 years.  A focal point of European cultural history and political developments. No wonder: nowhere else do hopes and longings, fears and threats of the late 19th and early 20th century condense in a comparable form. Davos recognised its opportunity and in a very short time transformed itself from a sleepy mountain farming village into a sophisticated spa and tourist resort - and a meeting place for the European scientific and cultural scene. Davos had a decisive influence on winter sports, medicine, architecture, art and culture at this time. In cooperation with the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg, an exhibition project has now been created that will be on display in four Davos museums from November 2021.

Different perspectives in four museums
The Kirchner Museum focuses on art and literature. The works of art by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Philipp Bauknecht provide an insight into the whole spectrum of life in Davos. From the alpine farmers to the sporting activities and the pioneering architecture to the harbingers of world war. A large number of postcards, tourism posters and photographs embed the artworks in their historical context. As a special highlight, you can lie down in original spa chairs and listen to texts by Thomas Mann, Else Lasker-Schüler or Beatrice Harraden. The Winter Sports Museum tells of sporting pioneering deeds. Top-class exhibits show the history of bobsleighing and sledging, ice skating, skiing and ice hockey. The Medical Museum takes up Thomas Mann's stories and presents the medical equipment described. This makes it easy to understand the protagonists' fear of the adventurous instruments. The local history museum shows everyday objects by Alexander Spengler and Willem Jan Holsboer as well as a model of the "Berghof" sanatorium.

Special ticket available in the holiday shop
Curious? Especially for this new exhibition on the myth of Davos, the Davos Museum Pass is available online in our holiday shop for 18 Swiss francs. This gives you admission to all four exhibiting Davos museums. The Museum Pass is valid from 28 November 2021 to 30 October 2022 and can be redeemed within ten days of first use. Please note the different opening hours of the individual museums.

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