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Large amount of fresh snow causes various closures

Due to the current snowfall, Davos Klosters is in avalanche danger level four. Spontaneous avalanches are possible. For safety reasons, there are various closures on site. An overview.

Almost a metre of snow fell in Davos Klosters last night. At the moment the snow continues to fall. The current avalanche bulletin of the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research classifies the situation as danger level four. Great avalanche danger. Spontaneous avalanches are possible. Therefore, there are currently delays in public transport and on the roads as well as local closures in Davos Klosters.

Closed sections in Davos Klosters
The latter includes, for example, access to the side valleys: Dischma from Büelen is closed, Sertig due to a snow slab from Witi as well as the road Clavadel to Mühle Sertig. In addition, artificial avalanches were triggered in the Frauentobel and Breitzug areas on Thursday morning. There are also restrictions on the cantonal roads: The Flüela road is closed from the Bedra access road, and snow chains are compulsory on the Wolfgang Pass. In Klosters, the access road to Monbiel will be closed from 1 pm. Good to know: All cross-country ski trails in Klosters are also closed at the moment.

Restrictions on public transport
The RhB line between Davos Platz and Filisur is interrupted. The reason for this is a closure for safety reasons. There is currently no substitute transport available. The line between Klosters Platz and Davos Platz is also interrupted for safety reasons. Substitute buses have been called. There are currently delays. Delays are also to be expected at the Davos public transport company. In addition, the buses cannot run in two-way traffic, i.e. all buses from the village to the square will be routed via the promenade, and all buses from the square to the village will be routed via Talstrasse.

Closed mountain railways and ski slopes
Most of the mountain railways are currently closed. Parsenn, Pischa and Madrisa have closed completely. On Jakobshorn, Rinerhorn, Gotschna and Schatzalp only the feeder lifts are open. Please note the lift and piste report.

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