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The amazing story of Jasmine Flury

Jasmine Flury is a downhill world champion. This is the story of our ski ambassador from Davos-Monstein, who never gave up, despite all the setbacks. Which mistakes she does not want to repeat and what goals she has set for herself after the world championship victory, she reveals in the interview.

The sensation was perfect when Jasmine Flury won downhill gold at the World Ski Championships in Courchevel-Méribel. We met the Davos-Monstein native for an interview and photo shoot immediately after her return from France. The ski racer has been at a crossroads a few times during her career, even thinking of quitting. Despite these difficult moments, the 29-year-old fought her way to the top of the world and celebrated the biggest triumph of her career to date with the World Championship gold in 2023.

A long way to the gold medal
For Flury, the road to the top of the world has been a rocky one. In the 2016 season, she did not take part in a single race due to a hip injury. Even the successes have their downside. "After my first World Cup victory in St. Moritz in 2017, I put a lot of pressure on myself. I almost broke from it; wore myself down," Flury says. She felt she had to confirm that success and prove herself. "I certainly learned a lot from that," she adds. She found new motivation shortly before the World Championships in France, when she changed her material and completely altered her mental training.  

Here comes the world champion
Flury, who can always refresh her energy in Davos Klosters, spent the summer before the past World Cup season at home in the 200-soul village of Monstein for the first time, instead of overseas. "In Davos Klosters, I can also recharge my batteries in difficult times". For example, between World Cup races on the ski slopes. Flury's insider tip for a perfect day of skiing in the Davos Klosters destination is the Rinerhorn and the "Juonli" ski lift there. "What I like most about it is the cool slope, for beautiful turns and the wonderful view of Davos," says the Monstein native. In addition, the 29-year-old reveals where she prefers to have lunch.


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