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Davos as a hub in the field of artificial intelligence

Mindfire, a foundation for networking global research activity on artificial intelligence, is looking into setting up a central contact point in Davos to serve coordination and cooperation in work on artificial intelligence. Whether and how this should be done will be worked out in a series of virtual workshops starting today and culminating in an award ceremony for the best concepts at the end of October 2021.

In Davos, young talents from all over the world are to be given a platform that will promote cooperation among them and systematically focus on the goal of researching artificial intelligence (AI). On Thursday, a series of online conferences was launched to explore the possibilities and requirements of such a platform. In the coming days and weeks, the participants will work in teams to develop concepts for what a common platform for cooperation and a global "mission control" for research into AI could look like. On the part of the local municipality, the online workshops will be accompanied not only by Landammann Philipp Wilhelm but also by the Head of Regional Development Prättigau/Davos, Valérie Favre Accola,
Valérie Favre Accola. The best team works will be judged by a jury at the end of the conference.

Another masterpiece for Davos as a research location
Landammann Philipp Wilhelm assesses this process, which the Small Land Council started in 2018 with the Mindfire Foundation, as highly exciting. "Davos can look back on centuries of research activity, the benefits of which are enjoyed by millions of people around the world. If you want to discover something, you have to tread new paths, and that is what we want to support here in this form", explains Landammann Wilhelm the intention of the Small Land Council. Pascal Kaufmann, President of the Mindfire Foundation Council, praises the conditions in Davos as a science city and global meeting place in the Swiss Alps, which has regularly attracted scientists and decision-makers from all over the world for decades. 

Decision-makers from all over the world: "Switzerland looks back on a deeply rooted tradition as a global facilitator and as a science location for the most creative talents worldwide. The coronavirus crisis also shows us that young talents want to work less in open-plan offices in urban centres and more in attractive locations. They also want tasks with "purpose". Creating AI for the benefit of humanity is such a task, which we want to and can solve," says Pascal Kaufmann, looking optimistically at the next missions of the Mindfire programme, which began in 2018 with the "Mindfire Mission-1" in Davos.

The Mindfire Foundation
The Mindfire Foundation conducts research in the field of artificial intelligence with the aim of producing it and gaining new insights into it. Mindfire systematically identifies and selects the world's leading researchers in the field of artificial intelligence and integrates them into the foundation's own programme.

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