Wissensstadt Davos

Davos has a rich tradition of transfer of knowledge

Thomas Mann, Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson are just some of the many imparters of knowledge that have been active in Davos in the past. The "Wissensstadt Davos" ("Knowledge Town Davos") association works to ensure that Davos will continue to be a location for the generation of valuable knowledge in the future. As the home of four internationally renowned research institutes with hundreds of academics from all around the world, today Davos is highly significant in the international research segment.

The transfer of knowledge is a tradition in Davos: As early as 1878 the first grammar school was founded, and just a few years later the first research institute followed. Even the famous physicist Albert Einstein left his mark, with the Davos university courses . In 1972, the region of Davos together with public figures in Davos, established the foundation "Forum Davos". The resultant association Wissensstadt Davos was founded a good 30 years later, and is intended to ensure that Davos will continue to be a location for the generation of valuable knowledge in the future. The objective: To reinforce research and education in Davos, to create meeting platforms for inter and trans disciplinary exchanges and to further innovative training and further education offerings, courses and conferences. As the home of four internationally renowned research institutes (institute for snow and avalanche research (SLF), institute for allergy and asthma research (SIAF), AO research institute (joint venture for osteosynthesis issues), physical-meteorological observatorium and world radiation centre (PMOD)), Davos is highly significant to the international scientific and research community.

TANSLATE EN: Seit 1942 besteht das WSL-Institut für Schnee- und Lawinenforschung SLF. 1996 hat es seinen Sitz vom Weissfluhjoch nach Davos Dorf verlegt.
The WSL-Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) was founded in 1942. In 1996, it relocated its head office from Weissfluhjoch to the Village of Davos.
Local members of the association Wissensstadt Davos
  • Institute for snow and avalanche research (SLF)
  • Physical-meteorological observatorium and world radiation centre (PMOD) 
  • Institute for allergy and asthma research (SIAF)
  • AO research institute (joint venture for osteosynthesis issues)
  • Swiss text academy
  • Kirchner Museum Davos
  • Global Risk Forum -  GRF Davos
  • Destination Davos Klosters
  • Swiss Alpine High School Davos
  • European Asthma and Allergy Centre Davos 
  • Davos district
  • Klosters-Serneus district
  • Davos hospital


Training and development

High schools

Over the years, the training facilities on offer in Davos have consistently increased.  Two high schools are situated in Davos. The Swiss Alpine High School SAMD and the Swiss Sports Grammar School Davos SSGD. Further schools and courses complete the education and training options on offer in Davos.


University education

Davos was the starting point for a new education concept. In 1921 the sculptor Philipp Modrow planned a ladies' university with tuition in the language Esperanto. However, the project failed. Today, the university courses in Davos remain legendary. They were opened in March 1928 by Albert Einstein. Present were 45 university lecturers and over 350 students from right across Europe.


Grisons Technical College for Medical Massage, Davos (BMMD)

Grisons technical college for medicinal massage, Davos (BMMD) is managed and overseen by physicians and is a private training establishment for the health sector recognised by the canton (state) of Grisons. The BMMD is a leading medicinal technical college in Switzerland and provides training across the entire field of physical treatment through medicinal massage. It is the only educational institute in Switzerland to offer a diploma course enabling successful students to enter direct training as a physiotherapist in the EU. 


Swiss Text Academy

The Swiss Text Academy is a public foundation that promotes the German language in business and industry . The academy runs regular university and polytechnic training events in Davos. 


The Global Risk Forum - GRF Davos

The Global Risk Forum (GRF) in Davos is a Davos-based foundation, which develops specific solutions for integral disaster and risk management, and climate change .The GRF in Davos supports the global exchange of experience and makes an important contribution to the UN Hyogo Framework for Action.The GRF aims to focus more on synergy by working together more effectively.The GRF in Davos serves as a centre for the exchange of knowledge and experience.It aims to facilitate the transfer and application of appropriate disaster and risk management strategies, in addition to providing tools and practical solutions.  The GRF in Davos works closely with political institutions, national and international organisations, scientific  and economic spheres and the public.


Davos Doctors’ Forum

All physicians and students of the clinical semester are entitled to participate in the Doctors’ Forum that takes place regularly in Davos. Different workshops on current topics are also organised. www.davoscongress.ch/aerzteforum

Davos has been hosting conventions since the 19th century and thus has evolved a rich system for the conventions. Even then, renowned guests and physicians from all over Europe lived in this mountain resort and exchanged expert knowledge at special conferences. In 1923, the physicians of Davos organised their first international convention.

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