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Working together for a better world

Help preserve our mountain landscape so that your children and grandchildren can enjoy it as much as we do now. As part of the ‘myclimate’ foundation’s ‘Cause We Care’ climate change initiative, the resort of Davos Klosters is committed to combating climate change. And you can help.

‘Our long-term future – especially that of the tourist industry – depends on the health of the natural world’, says Reto Branschi, CEO/Director, who has been officially running his business as a climate-neutral company since the end of October 2019. As part of the myclimate certification process, the Davos Destinations-Organisation (DDO) is supporting a mangrove reforestation project in Myanmar.

Carbon offsetting and enhanced quality of life

‘We deliberately chose this project because, not only does it offset our carbon emissions, it also helps improve local conditions in Myanmar. It is a project that unites the local community and improves its quality of life at the same time’, explains Branschi. In short: a step towards making the world a better place.

climate protection project in Myanmar
The climate protection project in Myanmar incorporates 14 of 17 defined sustainability targets – by far the highest number of targets among myclimate projects.
Davos Klosters has long been committed to climate action

Talking of improving the world: at the Davos Destinations-Organisation (DDO), efforts are being made to ensure that climate action pledges are more than mere lip service. The DDO has been implementing various sustainability measures for some years now. For example, there is new LED lighting in all offices, and new staff accommodation is heated with geothermal energy. And, last but not least, it has introduced a digital annual report – previously, around 28,000 pages of report were printed out every year. Together with myclimate, we will implement even more sustainable projects in the future.

Overview of measures already taken

‘Cause We Care’: Support our action to combat climate change

Donations with twice the impact: when booking through our Holiday Shop, you can choose to offset the carbon emissions from your stay and, at the same time, support local sustainability measures and action to combat climate change.

1. ‘I care’ – about climate-neutral products

When you book a product or service through our online Holiday Shop, you can choose to make a small voluntary donation to the ‘Cause We Care’ project. In return, you get a climate-neutral product.

‘We care’ – match funding

And if you opt in, we’ll support your commitment to combating climate change: we’ll match your donation and contribute the total amount to our dedicated ‘Cause We Care’ fund.

‘Cause we care’ – twice the impact

We use this fund to offset the carbon emissions from your booking through myclimate. We also invest in local initiatives to combat climate change and support sustainability.

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Success story: myclimate ‘Cause We Care’

The myclimate ‘Cause We Care’ project is a comprehensive sustainability initiative for Swiss tourism. It focuses on offering climate-neutral products and services, and on local measures that support sustainability.

We all depend on the health of the natural world for our wellbeing. Lend a hand!

To date, a total of 2.95 million ‘Cause We Care’ bookings have been made with 48 partners. Thanks to voluntary donations from guests, these bookings are climate-neutral and promote local sustainability. In total, more than 45,000 tons of CO2 emissions have been offset by the myclimate project – and almost CHF three million have been invested in local measures to combat climate change.

Davos Klosters, member since October 2019

Partners of the ‘Cause We Care’ initiative include hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry, resorts, cable cars, events organisers and tour operators. And now, since the end of October 2019, the destination Davos Klosters.

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