Chic charm and British understatement

Klosters is a picture book holiday resort: an elegant chalet-style village, authentic traditions and an international flair with many cosmopolitan customs. Maybe that is why even royal guests feel so at home here.

Klosters was known as a winter and summer holiday destination more than 100 years ago. It experienced a decisive impetus in its development as a stylish holiday classic for connoisseurs in the 1950s. At that time, many famous names from the American and British film, music and theatre scene discovered the ski resort, which resulted in the name "Hollywood on the Rocks". During this time, many British and American guests moved to Klosters, and made their second home here. They characterised the style and atmosphere of the holiday village for decades, and their children are still doing it to this day.  

Klosters was known as a winter and summer holiday destination more than 100 years ago.
Klosters: style and class amid untouched nature.
Klosters has been one of the most family-friendly holiday villages in Switzerland for many years.
Royal guests, original character

During recent decades, Klosters has enjoyed an international media presence, thanks to its illustrious guests from the British royal family.  Despite this, the elegant village, which retains its original character and chalet style, is never aloof. On the contrary: Discreet luxury with understatement has become the formula for success in the upper Prättigau. As such, the resort is still a popular destination for many famous guests, who wish to relax in peace here.

Families welcome

Klosters has been one of the most family-friendly holiday villages in Switzerland for many years. The leisure facilities therefore include one form of family fun after another: Themed walks, scooter runs, climbing paths and the fantastic "Madrisaland" - a unique mythical world  of fairies and alpine spirits. The numerous hotels and the strict guidelines accompanying the quality seal "Families welcome" ensure that the ideal accommodation is guaranteed.

Royal Playground

Only the name of the Gotschna cable car booth baptised the "Prince of Wales" provides a hint. Otherwise it is hardly apparent that Klosters has been hosting illustrious guests from various royal families, Hollywood stars, the nobility and industrial tycoons since the 1950s. And that is a good thing.

In the international people's press, Klosters is usually sought in vain. The location is certainly renowned worldwide as a classic holiday resort, but it is never one of those with the greatest media presences.. And this is despite of the fact that a number of Klosters guests certainly have the potential to fill newspapers and television programmes with their presence alone. In the past, only the royal family from Great Britain has arranged an official photo session during their stay in Klosters. The deal: Afterwards, Prince Charles, Lady Diana and their sons were to be left in peace.

Hollywood on the Rocks

What is almost forgotten: The American High Society from film, music, theatre and literature came and went from here as far back as the 1950s. So much so, that the village gained the title "Hollywood on the Rocks". Paul Newman, Gregory Peck, Yul Brynner, Lauren Bacall, Gene Kelly and Greta Garbo are just a few of the names that graced Klosters. At that time even more than nowadays, winter holiday destinations promised to act as hide-aways, far removed from urban civilisation.  Entirely without Facebook, iPhone and Youtube. Instead with great style and class.

The actor couple Mel Ferrer and Audrey Hepburn in a historic newspaper article on spring and skiing in Klosters.
The romantic hotel Chesa Grischuna is the grand dame amongst Klosters' hotels.
Discreet luxury without airs and graces

Then and to this day, illustrious guests enjoy spending their holidays in Klosters. With good reason: They can relax in peace here. In doing so the luxury car stays in the garage and the parties are hosted in their own chalets. Discreet luxury - yes, pomposity just for show - no. As such, there are no flagship stores from international fashion boutiques in Klosters - but instead small, refined shops with a sense of style and authenticity. Anyone who wishes to stay overnight here will find no 5-star palace - but instead the unbeatable charm of the Chesa Grischuna or the understated luxury of a well equipped 4-star hotel.  

Understatement, peace and serenity

A gentleman never kisses and tells. This applies to guests at Klosters, but also to the inhabitants, who never shout anything from the rooftops. They have grown up with the guests - in fact it is common for friendships to exist between them. As a rule, no one drops names. As such, it is entirely possible that one may happen to sit in the Chesa Bar next to Roger Moore, stand alongside Bono in a sports shop, or spot Johnny Depp on the piste - and no one ever finds out about it. And that is a good thing.

Arena Klosters

In December 2016, two new multi-functional event and sports halls opened as part of the Klosters sports centre. The event hall is designed for events with 350 to 2,000 people for culture events, meetings and seminars.

For events with even more people, the adjacent sports hall can be used. This sports hall is a double hall. Various sporting events can be held here, including tennis, basketball, volleyball and martial arts tournaments.

The event and sports halls are integrated into the existing sports centre and thereby enable spatial and technical synergies. Klosters is hoping for a tourism boost from the expansion of the sports centre by attracting larger events and indoor events to Klosters.

Arena Klosters
Doggilochstrasse 51
7250 Klosters
Tel. +41 81 410 21 31

The district of Klosters-Serneus

The district of Klosters-Serneus, with around 4,000 inhabitants, is spread over an area of 19,303 hectares. The highest elevation in the district is the Verstanclahorn at 3,298 above sea level. The lowest point, at 900 m above sea level, lies at the border with Saas.

Country Switzerland
Canton Graubuenden
Municipality Klosters-Serneus
8 Divisions Klosters Platz und Dorf, Selfranga, Aeuja, Monbiel, Serneus, Mezzaselva, Saas
Inhabitants app. 4,431 (in 2016)
Altitude 1,200 m asl / 3,937 feet
Highest point Verstanclahorn at 3,298 m asl / 10,817 feet
Lowest point Border at the river Landquart at 830 m asl / 2,725 feet
Total area 22,000 ha
Temperatures Winter: 0° day / -10° night; Summer: 20° day / 5° night
Climate Klosters is in Climate Class 2 (1000-1500 metres above sea level.) This climate is especially beneficial for cardiac patients ->cortisone distribution at this high altitude.
Number of guest beds Commercially rented out: 5’254 beds (1’292 beds in Hotels and Pensions, 662 beds in Group accommodations, 3‘300 beds in apartments) plus 7‘820 beds in holiday apartments for personal use. Total: 13‘074 beds.
Overnight stays 494'009 (total year 16/17)
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