Bucket List

What have you already ticked off?

21 things you should do before you leave

Right, that’s got your attention. If you follow our tips, we guarantee you won’t get bored in Davos Klosters this winter. And if you’re not staying long enough to get through all ten – come back another time!

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Celebrate après-ski

Whirlpool and palm trees at 2560 m above sea level, ‘Kafi Sex‘, and people dancing on tables. No wonder: après-ski in Davos Klosters is legendary. Here the nightlife often begins as early as in broad daylight.

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A small taste of great adventure

Why would you want to rush past this kind of landscape? When you go snowshoe trekking in Klosters, the adventure begins right on your doorstep. 

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Early bird skiing on Parsenn

Take your first turns on freshly groomed slopes at sunrise? Our free winter guest programme Davos Klosters Inside offers daily winter experiences accompanied by local insiders.

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Off-piste to happiness

Take a deep breath and go for it. It’s like surfing. No, even better: it’s like floating. That twinge of fearbefore you leap? Ignore it. The best opportunity to do so is during the Backcountry Festival Davos.

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Dare to take to the ice

An ancient winter sport is experiencing a hip revival in many places: ice skating. And this has a long tradition in Davos. Instead of the natural ice rink, the ‘Davos World of Ice’ has been opened, starting this winter into its fourth season.

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Take a trip to Alp Garfiun

Sometimes you just need a horsepower of two. Grab your favourite person, snuggle up under warm furs, and enjoy a horsedrawn ride through the snowy winter landscape to Alp Garfiun.

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Try sledging at night!

There are things that are simply more magical at night than they are during the day. This includes night sledging on Schatzalp or Rinerhorn.

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Take off down the slopes head-first

Think surfing is just for the beach? Think again. On Pischa, you can go powder surfing through deep snow, on an airboard – an inflatable cushion. It’s like bodyboarding, but on snow.

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Master a downhill run before lunchtime

Have you only ever skied on downhill runs at around half-past three in the afternoon, when the piste is crowded and the snow is already covered in tracks? That’s too bad. Enjoy the luxury of skiing down these pistes at 10 am. The Parsenn run down into the valley is an old favourite.

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Explore the architectural city of Davos

The architectural style of Davos with its famous flat roofs is a matter of taste. Either way, you are sure to be moved. By the way: Did you know that the flat roofs are not flat at all?

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Join the Red Bull Homerun

Ready for Switzerland’s craziest downhill ski and snowboard race? The competitors line up en masse on the Jakobshorn, like they’re at the Le Mans starting line – and it’s quite a spectacle. Once they’ve crossed the finish line, a legendary after-party awaits in Bolgen Plaza.

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Go cross-country skiing at night

Admittedly, cross-country skiing in the sunshine, in a side valley, is fabulous. But have you ever experienced the magical atmosphere of going crosscountry skiing at night? Every day, until 9:30 pm, throughout the winter season. 

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Meet in the ‘Stall Valär’

Woody, cosy and cuddly: In the 100 year old horse stable next to the Jakobshorn valley station, the ‘Stall Valär’ has become a scene locale with an unique atmosphere.

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Climb a frozen waterfall

Ice climbing attracts more and more adventurous winter sports enthusiasts. If you want to try out this extreme sport yourself, the waterfall in the Sertig valley offers ideal conditions throughout the winter.

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Drink a local beer in Monstein

Microbreweries with their special beers are in vogue. So is ‘BierVision Monstein’. Tip: Every Friday from 16 o'clock a free brewery inspection takes place. Cheers!

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Ski the legendary Parsenn downhill run to Küblis

For experienced winter sports enthusiasts an almost limitless pleasure: The piste begins at the Weissfluh summit and ends in Küblis after 12 kilometres and 2000 metres of altitude difference. Or you join the Parsenn Derby.

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Coffee break at the ‘Kaffee Klatsch’

The ‘Kaffee Klatsch’ is no longer an insider tip. Rather, it has become a classic - simply good again and again. In short: A must for all coffee lovers - whether in Davos or Klosters.

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Cheer on the HCD at the Spengler Cup

Anyone who's ever been to the sold-out Davos ice rink knows what we're talking about. A visit to the legendary Spengler Cup definitely belongs on this bucket list. Tip: Buy your tickets early enough.

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Stay in a hotel where you’ll feel like a rock star

Follow in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and John Lennon – get the rock star treatment at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos. It’s the first of its kind in Europe. 

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Be inspired by Kirchner

Bold colours and unusual perspectives – the works of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880–1938) are inspirational. The Kirchner Museum in Davos showcases his work and puts on temporary exhibitions that change at regular intervals.

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At full throttle through deep powder snow

Who thinks of powder fun only of skis or snowboard, probably does not know Pischa yet. Because in winter you can easily ride through the deep snow with fatbikes

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