Touch of Hollywood: Highlander shoots in Davos

Published on 09.09.2019

Since the beginning of September, a scene for the new thriller "Someone Dies tonight" has been shot at the Davos Turmhotel Victoria. Starring Hollywood Star and Highlander Christopher Lambert.

In the new film Lampert changes sides and plays as a Boss of Maifa Gang. "I play the cultivated, well-read and bipolar Mafia boss Colonel Wilson. Someone who plays with people and has different faces. This is an exciting challenge for me," Lambert told the Newspaper "Blick". 

Highlander made him world famous

Christopher Lambert, who became world famous with his role in "Highlander" in the 80s, is not the only illustrious name in the cast. Hollywood Stars like Eric Roberts (brother of Julia Roberts) or Tom Sizemore, known from "Saving Private Ryan", can also be seen in mafia movies. Furthermore, the Ukrainian Playboy model Aleksa Slusarchi was flown in especially for the Davos scene.


Di Caprio, Clinton, Lambert

During the shooting, Lampert will be staying in the 85 square meter presidential suite. His name is in good society: Before him, Leonardo Di Caprio ("Once upon a time in Hollywood") and former US President Bill Clinton were among the guests. "Someone dies tohnight" is expected to be published in 2020.


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