The wakeboard season has started

Published on 01.07.2019

Wakeboarding on Lake Davos started life as a crowdfunding project. Now it's a firm fixture on the summer programme: the season runs from 1 July to 28 August on Lake Davos.

A slight pull on the arms – then a sudden, strong jolt that catapults the wakeboarder into the lake. A splash and a spray of water. Soaked. A beginner’s first ride ends just a few metres after it begins, which is all part of the daily routine at standard wakeboarding facilities. Things are different on Lake Davos. With its 190-metre-long cable system, the Wakeweeks Davos cable tow is one of the longest water ski lifts in operation. 

Wakeboard season runs until 28 August 
Another special feature is its clever two-tower system: the constant upward pull of the cable makes boarding easier. And both beginners and professionals alike value the fact that there is only ever one boarder on the water at a time. The lift operator can also adjust the speed to suit individual riders. If you now feel like wakeboarding on Lake Davos, you have a good two months to do so: The season runs until 28 August.

Tip for overnight visitors
Wakeboarding is one of 70 activities on the free Davos Klosters Active programme for summer visitors. The programme runs from 17 June to 18 October 2019. A total of over 800 experiences are on offer throughout the summer. Experiences can be booked up to two weeks in advance, through the Tourist Information Offices.

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