Sertig village in the top 10

Published on 13.02.2020

"Graubünden Ferien" wanted to find the ten most beautiful villages. Over 15,000 people voted. Our little village Sertig made it to 8th place, while the victory went to Tschiertschen.

30 villages from all over Graubünden were available to choose from. Via social media and a newsletter, "Graubünden Ferien" had called for people to vote for their personal favourite village. The voting ran until 31 January - over 15,000 people took part. Remarkable: the vast majority of the votes came from outside the canton. With over 2'700 votes, the victory went to Tschiertschen. Congratulations!

Our village in the Top 10
The village of Sertig lies at 1,861 metres above sea level and is known throughout the country, especially for its 300-year-old white church. It is a popular excursion destination for guests, particularly because of its striking mountains and waterfall. The valley is also one of the regions of Switzerland that is particularly worthy of protection. In August the traditional "Sertig Schwinget" takes place in the middle of the beautiful mountain scenery.

Discovered by the "Walser"
In the 13th century, the German-speaking "Walser people" settled in the mountain region of Davos and Klosters. In the rearmost part of the romantic Sertig side valley, the farm settlements still characterise the landscape today. Probably nowhere else in Switzerland are the contrasts between town and country as marked as in the Destiantion Davos Klosters.

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