Ready for a refreshment? Our mountain lake tips

Published on 29.07.2020

The air shimmers, the sun burns, the sweat runs. Luckily, it's almost weekend. This is your chance to escape the heat. We will reveal the most beautiful refreshment options in Davos Klosters.

Over 30 degrees Celsius during the day and little cooling at night: In many places in Switzerland, temperatures are over 20 degrees even after it has gotten dark - and the heat stays. Tropical nights. It's different in Davos Klosters: Here you can enjoy mountain freshness and sleep at night with an open window. But even during the day there are various ways to cool off. 

Numerous mountain lakes provide refreshment
In addition to the popular lidos on Lake Davos and in Klosters, Davos Klosters offers many other opportunities to cool off. The Schwarzsee in Davos Laret is an insider tip. Embedded between rustling fir trees lies the small lake, on whose banks there are public barbecue areas. Other classic lakes are the Jöriseen, Grialetschsee, Strelasee, Seetalsee or Schlappinersee. 

Cooling down on mountain tops
Hikes to higher altitudes also offer pleasant coolness. It is even easier to reach the heights with the mountain railways. By the way, a trip up is particularly lucrative for overnight guests with the new Premium Card. Have fun and keep cool!

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