Peak Season for Backcountry Ski Tours

Published on 29.03.2018

While the season is slowly coming to an end on the slopes, ski tourers are just starting out. The side valleys serve as starting points for unforgettable ski tours.

Clear your skis in April? No way. Peak season for ski touring has started. No matter which route you choose: embark on your ski tour with one of the local mountain guides. Because nobody knows the terrain, nature and the current snow conditions as well as they do.

Tour tips for beginners and less-experienced backcountry skiers
A tour to the Sentischhorn is ideal for beginners. More demanding is a tour up to the Winterlücke towards Jöriseen. The ascent takes four to five hours. Afterwards you are rewarded with two racy descents. Even more challenging is a tour to the Ducan Glacier. This tour is considered technically demanding, but offers a unique landscape with a view of the Kesch region. In good conditions you could even descend to Stuls near Bergün.

Delightful treats for experienced backcountry skiers
The Sattelhorn, 2980 metres above sea level, can be reached in less than four hours. Start- and endpoint is the Walserhuus in Sertig. This tour is not as frequently done as the surrounding peaks. In the upper part of the descent there is often still powder even at this time of year and below you will find beautiful spring snow slopes. One of the most beautiful views can be found on Hochducan at 3004 metres above sea level. For this tour one should be fit and free from giddiness.

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