Path between Strelapass and Weissfluhjoch closed - Mondays to Thursdays

Published on 10.07.2018

The path Strelapass - Weissfluhjoch will be closed until further notice on Wednesday, 11 July due to the danger of falling rocks.

On Schatzalp, the cableway between Strelapass and Hauptertaeli is currently being dismantled. Due to the large amount of snow last winter, the construction work could only be started with a delay. When dismantling the suspension cables, rocks and debris may come loose above the rock path.

Duration of the block still uncertain
For this reason, the rock path must be closed to hikers and bikers from Monday to Thursday. On weekends, however, the path remains open without restrictions. At this point in time, it is not possible to estimate how long it will take during the week. .



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