Parsenn downhill to Küblis is open

Published on 11.01.2019

Historical ski classic can be skied again: : The runway begins at the Weissfluh summit and ends after 12 kilometres and 2000 metres of altitude in Küblis.

The extensive snowfalls in Davos Klosters have made it possible: the legendary Parsenn downhill run (slope no. 56) from Weissfluh summit down to Küblis is already open. This downhill is one of the Swiss ski classics. No wonder: winter sports enthusiasts can conquer 12 kilometres and 2000 metres of altitude difference.

Historical downhill run
The runway is also very varied: in the upper part of the valley, it leads through high alpine area to Parsennfurgga with fantastic views. Afterwards it runs to Schifer in softer terrain. It continues through sparse mountain forest down to Küblis. By the way: If you want to read more about this historic descent, you can read the story about the Parsenn Derby. Have fun reading - and of course taking a stroll down to Küblis!

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