Our mountain lake tips: How to escape the heat

Published on 03.08.2018

The air flickers, the sun is burning, the sweat runs. Luckily, it's weekend. This is your chance to escape the heat. We show you the most beautiful ways to refresh in Davos Klosters.

During the day up to 35 degrees and at night only little cooling: In many places in Switzerland the temperatures are still well above 20 degrees after the darkening - and the heat remains. Tropical nights. It's a different situation in Davos Klosters: Guests enjoy fresh air and sleep at night relaxed with the window open. There are also various cooling options during the day.

Numerous mountain lakes provide refreshment
In addition to the popular lidos on the Davosersee and in Klosters, there are many other possibilities to cool down. The Schwarzsee in Davos Laret is an insider tip. The small lake is nestled between rustling firs, on the banks of which there are public grills. Other lake classics are the Jöri Lakes (Jöriseen), Grialetschsee, Lake Strela, Lake Seetal or Lake Schlappiner.

Cool down on peak peaks
Also hikes to higher locations up to 3085 meters offer soothing coolness. It is even easier to reach the summit by mountain railway. These are for free when you stay at least one overnight in Davos Klosters. In short, the perfect combination of cooling mountain freshness and alpine panorama.

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