First ‘Fairtrail’ in ‘Graubünden’ is located in Davos Klosters

Published on 04.10.2019

The Sertig now has a ‘Fairtrail’ sign. To draw attention to this new campaign, two bike guides are on their way as 'Fairdinands' in Davos Klosters on Sunday. They inform guests and locals and distribute goodies.

In ‘Graubünden’ there is nature as far as the eye can see and no less than eleven thousand kilometres of signposted hiking trails. Almost everyone used to walk there. This is no longer the case. In the meantime, the experience of nature can also be experienced by mountain bike or e-bike. And officially. If one is considerately on the way, that is also no problem. We have a new word for it: Fairtrail. 

Two ‘Fairdinands’ in Davos Klosters
This Sunday, 6 October 2019, two bike guides are on their way as ‘Fairdinands’. The guides will be at places where hikers and mountain bikers often meet: Parking lots, post bus stations, at the mountain railways, mountain restaurants and of course on the trails. The 'Fairdinands' draw attention to the current Fairtrail campaign and distribute special ‘Fairtrail goodies’. The campaign only takes place when the weather permits.

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