Felsenweg is closed until the end of August

Published on 02.07.2019

The tunnel passages at the ‘Felsenweg’ between the Weissfluhjoch and the Strelapass are being dismantled due to the danger of collapse. The trail is expected to remain closed until the end of August.

If you have ever been on Parsenn by bike or on foot, you will certainly remember a popular photo subject: the gallery buildings on the Felsenweg. Because of the danger of collapse, these tunnel passages will be dismantled in the next eight weeks and the path restored. This is why this popular trail is now completely closed to bikers and hikers. If everything goes according to plan, the section will be open again from September.

Possible alternative route for the ‘Bahnentour’ 
The closed section is part of the legendary ‘Bahnentour’ as a descent from the Weissfluhjoch. As an alternative route, we recommend starting the tour at the middle station at ‘Höhenweg’  instead of on the ‘Weissfluhjoch’. This alternative route leads via the ‘Panoramaweg’ up to the ‘Strelapass’. 

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