Davos World of Ice starts its second season

Published on 30.11.2017

With new highlights and various innovations, the "Davos World of Ice" starts its second season on Saturday, 2 December 2017. Various events are planned throughout the winter. An insight.

In London, the glittering pop-up ice arena has been the attraction for the winter exit for years. Half of Vienna also meets in front of the enlightened city hall. Davos' ice dream is also a continuation of his great ice skating tradition. Faithful to tradition, the Davos ice rink also remains spectacular: with 4,500 m2 of ice surface, the "Davos World of Ice" is the largest mobile artificial ice rink in Switzerland. It will be open from Saturday 2 December 2017 until 4 March 2018 - and awaits visitors with various innovations.

Fine-tuning for the second season
The artificial ice theme fields are now arranged in the front area towards the sports centre. This enables spectators to follow the action on the ice from the stands - such as the spectacular 120-metre long Crashed-Ice Canal,"explains David Solèr, manager of Davos Klosters sports facilities. As a further improvement, the ice hockey field now has gangs and nets. And a 570 m long and 3.5 m wide gateway connects the individual fields of experience with each other. In addition to the innovations, various events are planned for the whole winter season.

Grand opening ceremony with competition and children's concert
The event kicks off with the opening ceremony on Sunday, December 3,2017: families discover the facility with the "World of Ice Adventure" competition in a playful way from 11 am to 3 pm. Tickets for the HCD game at 3:45 p. m. or a family subscription to the "Ice Dream Davos" are available as prizes. Afterwards, a children's concert with "Grüüveli Tüüfeli" and the ranking of the "World of Ice Adventure" will take place. What makes visitors particularly happy is that admission to the opening ceremony is free of charge. In addition to the opening ceremony, further events are planned: performances by street performers at the Davos Songbird Festival, an ETH Zurich event, an ice disco every Friday in February, a Valentine's Day special and a closing event on 4 March 2018 for the grand finale.

Watch a video clip about the Davos World of Ice

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