Prediction for summer holidays in Davos Klosters

Will summer holidays in Davos Klosters be possible?

According to the Federal President Simonetta Sommaruga, summer holidays in Switzerland will definitely be possible. In the destination Davos Klosters, preparations have been running at full speed for some time. We assume that the summer season could start in mid-June. Certain federal regulations, such as the safety distance, will have to be taken into account. This would affect the distribution of space in the restaurants and the mountain railways. For example, restaurants must have a good safety concept. In addition, however, there are strict conditions: In a first step, a maximum of four people or parents with children are allowed at a table. All guests must be seated; between the groups of guests, a distance of two metres or separating elements are necessary. In the case of the mountain railways, there will probably be an upper passenger limit for gondolas so that the distance can be maintained. Guests may also be asked to wear protective masks during the ride. Disinfectants will probably also have to be available. 

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