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The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a charitable foundation, primarily known for its annual meeting which takes place in Davos. At this meeting in the modern Davos Congress Centre, international leading economists, politicians, intellectuals and media representatives come together to discuss the latest global issues. Over the course of the forum, various other meetings are organised for the rest of the year, and research reports are published. It also has regional offices in China, USA, Japan.

The fact that Switzerland is one of the world’s leading economic sites is down to a unique synergy of several factors: political and economic stability, highly qualified labour, conductive statutory regulations, a stable currency, a wide range of finance and insurance services and the spirit of innovation, which bring forth new products.

Today, the finance sector is the strongest pillar of the Swiss national economy and generates more than 10% of the GDP. The banks form a hub of competent finance and trade players, whose core business is wealth management. Several Swiss finance institutes are aiming to become international market leaders in this area.

The second most important pillar is insurance companies. They make a great part of their income abroad and specialise increasingly on reinsurance. In addition, the Swiss finance sector is one of the strongest international players in foreign exchange and commodity trading and in managing hedge funds.

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