Sports Medicine & heart safe Davos

Sports medicine

Davos sports medicine at Davos hospital offers a comprehensive range of medical expertise for the optimum care and treatment of sports enthusiasts. The aim is to preserve health and well-being and to promote prophylaxis against health damage and injuries. For this purpose a team of specialists, sports medicine experts and trained sports physiotherapists are available.

The sports medicine measures implemented by the Davos sports medicine team are orientated towards the standards of Swiss Olympic. The level of recognition that accompanies the Swiss Olympic label means that top class sports persons have access to high quality care on location whilst in competition, during training camps and whilst undertaking personal training, and when at large-scale events.

And not only top class players, also amateurs and beginners can make use of the sports medicine facilities on offer.

Heart safe in Davos

Since 2008 all public buses in Davos have been equipped with an automatic external defibrillator (AED). This enables the bus driver and any other passenger to deliver first aid in the event of a sudden heart attack. "Heart safe buses" is a unique project in Europe. It sensitises the public and improves cooperation between novices and professional assistants due to the constant availability of defibrillators on public transport. "Heart safe Davos"is an initiative of Davos hospital and various partners.

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