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Davos is an official training centre of Swiss Olympic. Thanks to its first-class sports facilities, Davos offers optimal conditions for athletes of numerous sports. At 1,560 metres above sea level, the place is also ideal for altitude training.

Many athletes do high altitude training. Endurance athletes in particular appreciate the altitude of Davos at 1,560 m above sea level. Those who train here benefit from the stimulating alpine climate and excellent sports facilities. As the highest city in Europe, Davos is famous for its variety of sports, leisure and cultural activities, the HC Davos and numerous sports and cultural events.

  • Trainieren für einen Triathlon in Davos.
Top athletes appreciate the training conditions in Davos, such as for triathlon.
For professionals and amateur athletes

Our infrastructure is not only at the disposal of the sports elite. Also amateur athletes, sports clubs and associations as well as young athletes and juniors will find optimal conditions for varied and promising training stays in urban Davos.

Training in the valley, sleeping in the heights

On request, athletes can stay overnight in accommodation at over 1,800 metres above sea level. Suitable training and competition facilities are available to athletes throughout the year in the immediate vicinity of all accommodation.

What others say about training camps in Davos

"We have a long-standing partnership with Davos that is very valuable for our member associations and their promotion of competitive sports. Training camps in Davos are popular because competitive sport is anchored there and is lived without cutbacks."

"Davos is an important training and competition site for us. The national centres of alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding are based here. The pistes and cross-country ski runs, the infrastructure such as the cross-country centre or Färbi Halle offer our athletes optimal training conditions."

"For several years now, the Swiss Triathlon national teams have been running two training camps a year in Davos. One in winter, one in summer. From the very good and long-standing cooperation with the destination Davos Klosters, a partnership has now developed"

Everything you need for a successful training camp.

Davos not only offers an extensive sports infrastructure: the sports medicine department at the Davos Hospital looks after and treats athletes according to the Swiss Olympic standard.

Sports medicine at the Davos Hospital provides comprehensive medical care for professional athletes, members of junior management as well as amateur and leisure athletes. The sports medicine examinations and therapies carried out by Davos Sports Medicine are based on the standards of Swiss Olympic. Doctors and therapists from specialised disciplines are involved.

More about sports medicine Davos (in German)
Top athletes like Gesa Krause, two-time European champion in the 3000 m obstacle course, appreciate the altitude training in Davos.
Sports infrastructure of Davos at a glance
  • Sports centre with athletics facility incl. cloakrooms and shower rooms
  • fin track
  • Soccer fields (on artificial and natural grass)
  • Ice Stadium & Training Center
  • Artificial ice rink "Davos World of Ice" (December to March) for speed skating, hockey, curling and ice skating
  • Färbi sports hall with tennis, badminton, squash, freestyle, archery, indoor golf, table tennis and climbing
  • golf course
  • indoor pool
  • Large network of trails for biking, hiking, trail running and running
  • Three signposted Helsana Trails
  • Davos Adventure Park (rope and bike park)
  • Lake Davos: windsurfing, sailing, swimming, kitesurfing and wakeboarding
  • Five ski areas with around 300 km of guaranteed snow pistes and 57 transport facilities
  • Halfpipe and freestyle park at Jakobshorn
  • 132 km of cross-country ski trails, including a 4 km long snowfarming trail at the end of October 
  • Cross-country skiing centre Dario Cologna
  • Various options for snowshoeing, fatbiking, winter hiking, tobogganing and airboarding
  • Various gymnasiums, including a triple room hall
  • Various gym and theory rooms
  • Various take-off and landing areas for paraglider and delta

How altitude training works

No matter which endurance sport you are doing, with altitude training in Davos you will improve your performance. Our tips will help you get started.

The performance-enhancing effect of altitude training is easy to explain: At high altitudes there is a lack of oxygen. This forces the human organism to adapt. On the one hand, the body activates breathing and the cardiovascular system and increases the red blood cells. In addition, cells change their function and produce more energy anaerobically. This is ideal for athletes. Even a stay at height is a slight training effect. Altitudes between 1,500 and 2,200 m above sea level are particularly suitable.

Our four tips will help you get started with altitude training in Davos.
1. start slowly

Those who start training immediately after arrival quickly reach their limits. The body needs time to adjust to the new conditions. The so-called snap breathing on the day of arrival is quite normal. After all, you may come from the lowlands directly to 1,560 meters above sea level.

2. give your body time

Your body gradually adapts to the height. The acclimatisation phase in Davos at around 1,500 metres lasts about two to four days. After that, sleep is just as restful as at sea level. In this situation, you should allow yourself enough time to get used to it.

3. Don't forget to drink enough

The higher you are, the drier the air. Those who train in Davos benefit from the dry, alpine stimulating climate. However, the mucous membranes and the increased breathing rate need more fluid. The body consumes more minerals and electrolytes. Drinking a lot is the motto here.

4 Correct timing is crucial

Make sure you match your competition well with altitude training: either directly in the first two days after your return to the lowlands or after a waiting period of up to 20 days. In days four to nine, the body adjusts again. In this critical phase you should not take part in any competition.

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