Davos hospital & clinics

Medical care

Davos hospital guarantees basic medicinal care, treatment and a 24-hour emergency ward 365 days a year for the regional population and visitors to the area.

The wards are supplemented by the rescue and emergency service (alarm call tel. 144), consultation appointments, external services supplied by the hospital SPITEX and a day clinic. Davos hospital also offers a holiday dialysis service to kidney patients. The specialist department for sports medicine takes care of high performance and amateur sports enthusiasts by offering diagnostics and support with training measures.

Dialysis Davos

You are a dialysis patient and would like to spend your holidays in Davos? Davos hospital has five dialysis stations with state-of-the-art FRESENIUS 5008/4008 dialysis machines. The competent dialysis team offers individual care and flexible dialysis appointments which means you can make the most of Davos with its beautiful surroundings and rich programme of leisure activities. Davos hospital is within easy reach: simply take the bus service no. 1 – the bus stops directly outside the hospital.

Tel . +41 81 414 85 41

High mountain clinic, Davos (1,590 m above sea level)

Acute and rehabilitation clinic for the treatment of allergies, diseases of the respiratory tracts, lungs, skin, eyes and cardiac rehabilitation. pneumology, dermatology, allergology, cardiology, social medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, psychology.

  • Management: Markus Gautschi
  • Director of medicine: Dr. Georg Schäppi
  • Centre for pneumology: Dr. med. Carlos Cardoso
  • Centre for dermatology / allergology: PD Dr. med. Matthias Möhrenschlager
  • Centre for pediatrics: Dr. pract. Ariane Kalweit
  • Heart rehabilitation Davos: Dr. med. Wilhard Kottmann
  • Capacity: 180 beds

Hochgebirgsklinik Davos
Herman-Burchard-Strasse 1
7265 Davos Wolfgang
Tel. +41 81 417 44 44

Zürcher RehaZentren | Klinik Davos (1'686 m above sea level)

Special clinic for musculoskeletal, psychosomatic, pulmonary and internal oncological rehabilitation.

The clinic focuses on individual rehabilitation with complex clinical pictures.   
- Capacity: 109 beds

Zürcher RehaZentren | Klinik Davos
Klinikstrasse 6
7272 Davos Clavadel
Tel. +41 81 414 42 22

Dutch asthma centre Davos Clavadel (1,686 m above sea level)

Clinic for the treatment of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive lung diseases and allergies.

Lung specialists:

  • Herr Dr. Med. D. Prins
  • Frau Dr. Med. M. Drijver

Nederlands Astmacentrum Davos
NAD Healthcare AG
Klinikstrasse 6
7272 Davos Clavadel
Tel. +41 81 417 80 00

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