Songbird Festival Davos

Songbird Festival Davos Songbird Festival Davos
Fri, 07.12.2018
Sat, 08.12.2018
Sun, 09.12.2018
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The biggest singer-songwriter festival in Switzerland
SONGBIRD FESTIVAL DAVOS - a melting pot for national singer-songwriters. A festival, where you can feel and experience the music, where you can speak to the musicians before, after or even during the concert, and where each concert takes place in a unique atmosphere and ambiance. Meanwhile, the SONGBIRD FESTIVAL DAVOS is considered to be one of the most beautiful music festivals in Switzerland and is THE insider tip for lovers of well-made Swiss (pop) music. In the Swiss music scene the SONGBIRD FESTIVAL DAVOS is not only considered as an important stepping stone for young music talents but also as one of the favourite festivals of established musicians, where everybody plays with joy.

Program 2018

Event Locality
Davos und Umgebung
7270 Davos Platz
Blofeld Entertainment GmbH
Langstasse 94
8004 Zürich
Tel:+41 44 245 40 10
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