Science Café Graubünden

Science Café Graubünden
Thu, 27.08.2020, 19:30 h
Fine particulate matter - causes and consequences

Fine particulate matter can lead to diseases of the lungs and the cardiovascular system. It is therefore important to avoid high levels of particulate matter. But where does it actually come from? Traffic and industry cause particulate matter. Measurements show that burning wood also contributes significantly to the pollution. What do measurements from Davos tell us? Is the burning of wood, pellets and chips dangerous for our health? Can wood heating systems be made cleaner? What is the sustainability of the consumed wood? Are there alternatives?

The event is organized by the Academia Raetica, the Naturforschende Gesellschaft Davos and the Science City Davos.


Event Locality
KaffeeKlatsch am Platz
Promenade 38
7270 Davos Platz
Tel:+41 81 413 00 90
Academia Raetica
Berglistutz 8
7270 Davos Platz
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