Art day Schools of Davos

Art day Schools of Davos
Fri, 22.11.2019
Number of expected participants: 800 Persons
Field: Art / Culture
Art and Culture are important fields of experience in today’s society. The "Cultural Day" of the Davos Schools helps young people to explore these fields and gives them the opportunity to express their artistic and cultural talents. The event allows the students to bear arts and culture in mind in every-day life, and helps them to think about themselves as well as the others and the environment. This year’s Cultural Day, the students will discuss the topic entitled “Dre@m”. We hope they will certainly spend a wonderful and unforgettable day. Come and join us to discover the wonderful world of dre@ms.
Event Locality
Kongresszentrum Davos
Talstrasse 49A
7270 Davos Platz
Tel:+41 81 415 21 60
OK Kulturtag
Spitalweg 1
7270 Davos Platz
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