Opening event: Gadäwäg Klosters

Opening event: Gadäwäg Klosters
Sun, 10.05.2020
The Gadäwäg in Klosters has awoken from its hibernation and is put back into service with a small festival on the Hennägadä.
The IG Landwirtschaft Klosters-Serneus invites you to a cosy get-together with a party in the Hennägadä from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with music, market stall with fine products and of course Prättigauer Knödli.
Information in case of bad weather Tel. 1600.
Alternative date Sunday 17 May 2020.
Event Locality
Region Davos Klosters
Hennägadä Klosters Monbiel
7250 Klosters
Tel:+41 81 415 21 21
Klosters Pur
Oberdorfstrasse 8
7250 Klosters-Serneus
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