Silence-Retreat Silence-Retreat Silence-Retreat
Wed, 24.07.2019
Thu, 25.07.2019
Fri, 26.07.2019
Three days in silence – a journey of discovery to the inner Self

Mauna means stillness or silence. This refers to inner silence, the stillness of the mind, and inner peace. This form of stillness does not only mean being silent, but also means controlling thoughts. Calming the mind has always been one of the most challenging spiritual practices, and is important in various religions including the Christian, Hindu and Buddhist traditions. To spend three days in silence in the presence of a highly accomplished Master, means to go on a journey within, to be mindful of the breath, to calm the mind and to experience the magnificence of one’s own beingness. Sri Swamiji says, ‘To practice silence one must go deep within oneself. Only then can the power of this silence be experienced.’ Sri Swamiji has been visiting Switzerland for over 30 years, giving seminars in yoga, Indian philosophy and silence.


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Morosani Schweizerhof Davos
Promenade 50
7270 Davos Platz
Datta Yoga Center Switzerland
Bächlerstrasse 55
8046 Zürich
Tel:+41 31 991 46 45
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